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Eni Global Energy Markets (EGEM)

A unique market interface

Starting from 1st January 2021 EGEM acts in the international trading of gas, power, CO2 (as a single interface between Eni and the markets), LNG and Oil derivatives. It is a global, integrated approach designed to make the most of Eni’s network of contacts and wide asset portfolio. In turn, EGEM helps to optimise the management of Eni’s assets, promoting collaboration within the organisation and devising advanced risk-management solutions. EGEM enhances Eni’s unique position as a European leader in the gas sector, acting as a specialized hub for trading and commodity risk management.


EGEM Board

The members of the Board of Directors are:

·         Cristian Signoretto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

·         Elvira Fabrizio, Director

·         Donatella Anna Ranco, Director

·         Claudia Vignati, Director

·         Luciano Pappadà, Director


Integrated operations on commodity market

EGEM has its registered office in Rome and is based on four locations: London, Brussels, Singapore, San Donato Milanese.


Gas, lng, power e CO2

EGEM is mainly engaged in:

·         trading operations, on both physical and financial energy commodity markets ( mainly gas, power, LNG and CO2 emissions);

·         the use of portfolio flexibility in Asset Backed Hedging activities;

·         the provision of services for the management of commodity price risk to the divisions and companies of the Eni Group;

·         the trading of CO2 certificates to meet the needs of Eni Group companies.


Below you can find the Brexit-compliant references relevant to our activities related to Eni Global Energy Markets S.p.A. - UK Establishment:

Eni Global Energy Markets S.p.A. - UK Establishment
Eni House - 10 Ebury Bridge Road - SW1W 8PZ – LONDON - UK
UK establishment number: BR022574 
Head Office: Piazzale Enrico Mattei n. 1 – 00144 – ROME - ITALY
Registered at Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts And Agriculture Of Roma
Registration number: RM-1609166
Joint Stock Company – Public Company Limited by Shares

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