Eniverse is Eni’s Corporate Venture Builder that enhances our people’s competence and Eni’s proprietary technology, for creating new business initiatives with high technological content supporting a Just Transition. We work with a network of partnerships and alliances with strategic partners, leveraging Eni’s research and development assets to identify and scale-up our own and third-party technological solutions with high potential to industrial level, bringing them to market in less than three years.


Who we are

We create new entrepreneurial initiatives for a fairer, more sustainable future.

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Eni's Corporate Venture Builder

21 April 2023

We enhance our technologies, we are dedicated to the identification, creation and development of innovative and high-potential entrepreneurial initiatives that explore new markets while promoting a Just Transition and creating short and medium-term value.


Portfolio & Technologies

We accelerate and enhance Eni’s proprietary technologies and breakthroughs, creating profitable services and products in the short term.


Our Network

We are open to partnerships to develop new entrepreneurial initiatives to support a Just Transition.

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In data 15 dicembre 2023, a seguito del conferimento effettuato da Eni SpA, Eniverse ha acquisito la partecipazione di controllo in Enivibes, pari al 76%. Le restanti quote sono detenute dai soci Aresys (16%) e Solgeo (8%).

Il conferimento della partecipazione, a beneficio di Eniverse, ha una finalità riorganizzativa e si inserisce nella più ampia strategia di valorizzazione e sviluppo commerciale di un portfolio di innovazioni e tecnologie proprietarie di Eni.

On 15 December 2023 and with the contribution of Eni SpA, Eniverse acquired a controlling stake in Enivibes equivalent to 76% of the share capital. The remaining stakes are held by Aresys (16%) and Solgeo (8%).

The change in ownership towards Eniverse is part of the business’ reorganization and contributes to the broader strategy of fostering the commercial development of proprietary innovations and technologies within Eni’s portfolio.