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Eni Finance International

The company responsible for the centralised funding of the non-Italian Eni S.p.A. companies.


Eni Finance International SA (EFI) is the company responsible for the centralized funding of Eni S.p.A’s subsidiaries non-resident in Italy. It was established in Brussels in 1995 and is directly controlled by Eni for 33.6% and indirectly – through the Dutch company Eni International BV – for the remaining 66.4%.

Main services

EFI, in the management of the Group’s centralised funding, conducts financial operations for the Companies of the Group not resident in Italy or in the USA, managing the cover of their financial needs and the collection of financial surpluses and having recourse to the market to supply short and medium/long-term funding needs, or for any short-term use of funds. Cover for the financial needs of the Company is ensured by the provision of short and medium/long-term credit lines.

The balance between sources and use, centralised by EFI, is aimed at minimising liquidity, interest and exchange rate risks, this also with a consolidated group approach, leading to daily coordination between EFI, Eni S.p.A. Finanza Operativa and Eni Finance USA, with the sharing of information flows on market positions and liquidity interchange. EFI therefore provides the Group’s companies with treasury services, as well as support in finding the most efficient funding solutions.

One of the Company’s characteristic features is its constant commitment to strengthening its own role as a service provider, focussing on factors such as readiness and flexibility and on offering the customer the benefit of the expertise and financial know-how gained in the management of its own activities, in line with market conditions, the legal context and all of Eni best practices.