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Eni Finance International

The company responsible for the centralised funding of the non-Italian Eni S.p.A. companies.


Eni Finance International SA (EFI) is the company responsible for the centralised funding of Eni S.p.A’s subsidiaries non-resident in Italy. It was established in Brussels in 1995 and is directly controlled by Eni for 100%.

Main services

EFI, in the management of the Group’s centralised funding, conducts financial operations for the above mentioned subsidiaries of the Eni Group and manages the cover of their financial needs through the granting of short and medium / long-term credit lines, as well as the collection of their financial surpluses. To pursue these objectives, EFI operates in close coordination with the Finance functions of Eni S.p.A., which it uses for the purpose of optimally managing the financial needs of the client companies; it also recurs to the capital market for short and medium / long-term funding, as well as for short-term use of funds.

EFI also ensures financial services and technical support to Group companies, identifying the most efficient financing solutions.