business partners


Since it operates mainly through joint ventures with international partners, Ecofuel is a global player in the market for the chain of oxygenated compounds such as alcohols (Methanol) and high-octane alkyl ethers (ETBE/MTBE), which are then marketed worldwide (in Europe, the Americas and Asia).

In order to optimally monitor business scenarios of global interest, Ecofuel has founded and is involved in organisations, both national and international, that enable it to oversee the evolution of both market development processes (new product features or applications) and regulatory processes concerning quality, HSE and emission aspects.

Ecofuel is a member of the following organisations:

Sustainable Fuels Sustainable Fuels, based in Brussels, of which Ecofuel is a founding partner, is dedicated to the production and use of clean, high-quality high-octane petrol components
Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA) Asian Clean Fuels Association, based in Singapore, of which Ecofuel is a founding member, is committed to the responsible use of clean and high-efficiency fuels for the transport sector.
Methanol Institute Global organisation of the methanol industry, based in Washington
Federchimica – (AISPEC – ASSOBASE) Italian federation of the chemical industry
UNEM Union of Energies for Mobility