Società controllate e partecipate Eni

Eni’s subsidiaries and affiliates

Eni operates in the domestic and international market, as well as through a wide range of subsidiaries.

Ecofuel SpA

Manages the production and marketing of clean components for petrol (in particular oxygenates) and methanol. Ecofuel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eni SpA is a global player and operates mainly through the establishment of joint ventures with international partners.


Eni Corporate University

Eni Corporate University (ECU) was founded to carry out training activities and ensure that the company’s culture was consistently and correctly developed and shared. The goal is to provide continuous training programmes that focus on the individual and employ the most innovative learning methods to strengthen and develop our people's skills.


Eni Finance International

Is the company responsible for the centralised funding of the non-Italian Eni S.p.A. companies. Established in Brussels in 1995, conducts financial operations for the Companies of the Group not resident in Italy or in the USA, managing the cover of their financial needs.


Eni Global Energy Markets (EGEM)

Starting from 1st January 2021 EGEM acts in the international trading of gas, power,  CO2, LNG and Oil derivatives. It is a global, integrated approach designed to make the most of Eni’s network of contacts and wide asset portfolio. 


Eni International Resources

EIRL attracts and recruits talent within Italy and internationally, but we are also focused on developing and enhancing our employer brand – our reputation as a great place to work – sharing information and insights about life at Eni and our huge variety of career opportunities.



The Eni company that produces electricity and steam power. The company has six gas-fired combined cycle power stations.



EniProgetti, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni SpA, is Eni’s engineering arm. EniProgetti was created by Eni in order to strengthen its reach and from the desire to identify, through investment development, the most agile and effective technical solutions to facilitate time to market. With almost 1,000 employees, nowadays the company is one of leaders in Italy for pure engineering.


Eni Rewind

Eni's environmental company  that operates according to the principles of the circular economy to enhance industrial land and waste through efficient reclamation and recovery projects, with attention to the specificity of the territories. Its operational model aims at regenerating soils, waters and resources that can be recovered thanks to the scientific research and the skills of over 1000 people. The company has launched a new business that will enable Eni Waste to Fuel technology to be applied on a large scale to transform organic waste into bio oil and water.



This is the Eni company that operates in the field of integrated services for buildings, people and business support. It covers a range of activities from property and work-space management to the production and supply of utilities, document reproduction, the management of archives and warehouses, the procurement of non-strategic goods and services, and many others.


Eni Trade & Biofuels (ETB)

Starting from 1st January 2021 ETB will be the sole entity responsible for the international trading of crude oil, petroleum products, bio-fuels and related financial derivatives for the Eni group.


Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS), a company in liquidation, whose gas\lng\power and oil activities - with effect from 1 January 2021 - were merged respectively into the  ENI GLOBAL ENERGY MARKETS (EGEM)  and  ENI TRADE & BIOFUELS (ETB)  

LNG Shipping SpA

The company operates in the transportation by sea of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the use of two directly-owned LNG tankers: LNG Portovenere and LNG Lerici, each with a capacity of 65,000 cubic metres.


Unión Fenosa Gas Comercializadora (UFGC)

Unión Fenosa Gas Comercializadora is a leading company in the Spanish gas market, owned by Eni since March 2021. It supplies gas to the industrial and SME segments playing a relevant role in the Spanish logistic market



This is the vehicle for Eni’s co-operation with some of Italy’s leading banks. Serfactoring operates mainly within the Eni Group, offering services to companies in the sectors and group companies. It deals with the organised and coordinated management of administrative operations, the factoring and collection of receivables, individually or en masse.


Servizi Fondo Bombole Metano (SFBM)

The company carries out technical and administrative services for the CNG Cylinders Fund Committee, which puts all the operating costs through a CNG Cylinders Fund Management system. The CNG Cylinders Fund Committee ensures optimal safety conditions of cylinders for transport purposes.



Versalis, Eni’s chemical subsidiary, is also Italy biggest chemical company in terms of turnover, production volumes and number of employees. The company is also at the cutting edge and in continuous evolution, and is one of the leading players in the international chemicals sector.