Eni’s corporate structure

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An organisation that accelerates business transformation

Eni is a technology-intensive global energy company with operations in 69 countries spanning the whole value cycle. To help achieve a just energy transition, we want to achieve Net Zero by 2050 by offering fully decarbonized energy products and services. The tools that will enable us to achieve this goal are research and innovation.

The whole company is involved in this evolution and it is supported by an organisational structure based on two Business Groups.

Natural Resources

It enhances the upstream portfolio in a sustainable way by increasing efficiency and expanding the natural gas component, of which it oversees both production and wholesale marketing via pipelines or as LNG. It is also responsible for exploration, a crucial activity that enables us to constantly identify new reserves. In parallel, Natural Resources manages CO₂ capture, storage and reuse (CCUS) projects and Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) initiatives. A further area of focus, through its subsidiary Eni Rewind, is environmental remediation and redevelopment.

Energy Evolution

It supports growth in renewable energy and the expansion of bio-refinery capacity. In general, it manages the evolution towards bio, blue and green approaches. Other areas of responsibility are biomethane and the bio and circular transformation of refining and chemicals, managed by Versalis and its subsidiaries. In bio-refining, Energy Evolution also oversees the creation of agri-hubs in African countries for the production of sustainable feedstock. Through Plenitude it is in direct contact with customers, consumers and companies, to whom it offers increasingly decarbonized products and services in energy supply, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

One special area is hydrogen, in particular blue and green hydrogen, where both Business Groups are involved. 

Technology, R&D, Digital Unit

In synergy with the two Business Groups, it feeds research and technological innovation, the driving force behind the company's transformation. It is also responsible for the ICT and Digital area, which is also fundamental for business evolution. Leveraging its in-house Research Centres and skills, as well as a network of collaborations with universities, start-ups, venture capital and leading public and private companies, Eni develops proprietary and breakthrough technologies that, when applied on an industrial scale, enable greater quality and sustainability in products, plants and processes. In this way, Eni keeps and consolidates its technological leadership

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