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  • Eni’s commitment in Germany in the natural gas market
  • the production and marketing of petroleum products, such as petrol, diesel, fuel oil, bitumen, LPG and kerosene
  • Eni offices and contacts in Germany
  • direct link to the site dedicated to Germany (in German and English)

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

Eni operates in Germany-Austria through Gas & Power branches.

In 2018, total sales in Germany-Austria amounted to 1.83 bcm, a decrease of 5.12 bcm, or 73.7% from 2017 due to lower volumes marketed to local distribution companies. A process of complete exit from these markets is ongoing.

Refining & Marketing and Chemicals

Eni has been operating in the country since 1988 and carries out production and marketing activities of petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, fuel oils, bitumen, LPG and kerosene.

In terms of production Eni has an 8.33% share in the Schwedt refinery and 20% in Bayernoil, an integrated industrial hub that includes Vohburg and Neustadt refineries. Eni’s refining capacity in Germany is approximately 60 kbbl/d mainly to supply Eni’s distribution network in Bavaria and Eastern Germany.

The crude oil for Bayernoil is transported through the Mediterranean to the port of Trieste, continuing its journey via oil pipelines to Bavaria. The refinery in Schwedt is supplied mainly by crude oil from Russia arriving through the Drushba pipeline or else via the pipeline from the port of Rostock. The distribution of the finished products is ensured by a widespread logistics infrastructure with about thirty warehouses and loading points. Eni Deutschland is able to supply its service station network and its Wholesale dealers with the finished products right throughout Germany. The transport is by road or by rail in tanks .

In the retail market, Eni has a 3.3% market share in Germany with 471 service stations at the end of the year, 339 directly owned by Eni, with an average throughput equal to 3.2 kliters/y.

Given the displacement of the sales points in Germany, the share of the network market in Bavaria is 9% and in Baden-Württemberg it is 5%.

The non-oil sector has better market performances than its competitors for every commodity. On the wholesale market Eni Deutschland sells fuel, bitumen, fuel oil, jet fuel and special products such as LPG and heavy fuel reaching a total annual sales volume of about 1.2 million tonnes

Eni is also present in Germany in the chemical sector through Versalis International with commercial branches.

Offices and contacts

Refining & Marketing
Eni Deutschland GmbH
Theresienhöhe 30
80339 München
Tel. + 49 (0)89 5907 0
Fax + 49 (0)89 5963 03


Eni Schmiertechnik GmbH
Paradiesstrasse 14
97080 Würzburg
Tel.+ 49 (0)931 900980


Versalis International SA – Zweigniederlassung Deutschland
Düsseldorfer Str. 13 - 65760
Eschborn - Deutschland
Postfach 5626 - 65731 Eschborn
Tel. +49 6196 492-0
Fax +49 6196 492-218

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