In detail:

  • the main activities related to the E&P sector conducted by Eni in Algeria since 1981. Current exploration activities are underway in the Bir Rebaa area and in the south of the country where the company has obtained licences
  • commitment in the field of renewable sources
  • activities for the supply of natural gas
  • Eni offices and contacts in the country

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Algeria since 1981. In 2018, Eni’s oil and gas production averaged 85 kboe/d. Developed and undeveloped acreage of Eni’s interests was 3,470 square kilometers (1,155 square kilometers net to Eni). Operated activities are located in the Bir Rebaa desert, in the Central-Eastern area of the Country in the following operated exploration and production assets:

  • Blocks 403a/d (Eni’s interest from 65% to 100%);
  • Block ROM North (Eni’s interest 35%);
  • Blocks 401a/402a (Eni’s interest 55%);
  • Block 403 (Eni’s interest 50%);
  • Block 405b (Eni’s interest 75%).


In addition, Eni holds interest in the non-operated Block 404 and Block 208 with a 12.25% stake. Exploration and production activities in Algeria are regulated by Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) and concession contracts. In April 2018, Eni signed a framework agreement with Sonatrach to revamp exploration and development program in the Berkine area and to continue a collaboration in the R&D sector.

In particular:

  • in July 2018 defined an agreement for upgrading existing facilities of the BRN fields in the Block 403 and of the MLE fields in the Block 405b leveraging on synergies with the new forthcoming facilities. The agreement also includes the construction of a pipeline to link the BRN fields with MLE assets, targeting to transform the area in a gas hub;
  • and in October 2018 signed an agreement to assign to Eni a 49% interest in the Sif Fatima II, Zemlet El Arbi and Ourhoud II concessions, in the North Berkine basin.

Management plans an exploration campaign and fast-track development of the estimated reserves of 75 mmboe net to Eni. The production start-up is planned in the third quarter of 2019 leveraging on the completion of the BRN-MLE pipeline that will link the BRN associated gas as well as associated gas and condensates of the Berkine North development project to the MLE treatment facilities.

In addition, Eni and Total signed two partnership agreements for an exploration campaign in the offshore Algeria. In particular, in December 2018, two exploration permits were assigned to launch a seismic data acquisition in 2019.

Blocks 403a/d and ROM North

Production Production in Blocks 403a/d and ROM North comes mainly from the HBN and ROM and satellites fields and represented approximately 18% of Eni’s production in Algeria in 2018. Production from ROM and satellites (ZEA, ZEK and REC) is treated at the ROM Central Production Facilities (CPF) and sent to the BRN treatment plant for final treatment, while production from the HBN field is treated at the HBNS oil center operated by the Groupment Berkine. Development Development activities concerned production optimization, in particular at the ROM North field.


Blocks 401a/402a

Production Production in Blocks 401a/402a comes mainly from the ROD/SFNE and satellites fields and accounted for approximately 16% of Eni’s production in Algeria in 2018.

Development Development activities concerned production optimization at the ROD field. Block 403 Production The main fields in Block 403 are BRN, BRW and BRSW, which accounted for approximately 7% of Eni’s production in Algeria in 2018.


Block 404

Production The main fields in Block 404 are HBN and HBNS fields, which accounted for approximately 20% of Eni’s production in Algeria in 2018. Development Development activities concerned production optimization.


Block 405b

Production Production in Block 405b comes from the MLE-CAFC project and accounted for approximately 18% of Eni’s production in the Country in 2018. Four export pipelines link it to the national grid system.

Development Development activities concerned drilling activities at the CAFC Oil and MLE projects, as well as upgrading activity of existing treatment facilities. Block 208 Production The El-Merk field is the main production project in the Block 208 and accounted for approximately 21% of Eni’s production in Algeria in 2018. Production is treated by means of a gas treatment plant for approximately 600 mmcf/d and two oil trains for 65 kbbl/d each. Development Activities concerned progress in the development program of the El Merk field with the drilling of production and water injection wells.


In 2018, we started up a solar plant in Algeria with a capacity of 10 MW at the Bir Rebaa North oil field, jointly operated by Eni and Sonatrach, which will make the upstream activity energy self-sufficient.

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

Eni is the first partner of the state company, Sonatrach, and the country's leading natural gas supplier. In 2018 , natural gas production amounted to 105.5 mmcf/day, while Eni’s share of natural gas supplies amounted to 12.02 billion cubic metres (including LNG), with a decrease of about 8.8% compared to the previous year.

Offices and contacts

Exploration & Production 
Eni Algeria Production B.V. 
Pins Maritimes Algeria Business Center 16211 
Tel. (00213) 21 891200

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