Banque Eni
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  • the main business areas engaged in
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Corporate Structure

Banque Eni

B​oar​​d of Directors

  • President: Paolo Carmosino
  • Managing Director: Ernesto Formichella 
  • Members: Vittorio D'Ecclesiis, Christiane Hal, Carlo Maria Pinardi, Domenico Rapone, Marco Figus​

Management Committee​

  • President: Ernesto Formichella
  • Members: Vittorio D'Ecclesiis, Christiane Hal

Audit, Risks and Compliance Committee

  • President: Carlo Maria Pinardi​
  • Members: Paolo Carmosino, Marco Figus

  • Risks Officer: Christiane Hal
  • Compliance Officer: Lorenzo Olearo


Banque Eni is an Eni company authorised to provide banking activities. It provides financial services for Eni and Eni companies all around the world.

Main services:

  • cash management;
  • direct management of collections and payments denominated in euros and, through its worldwide network of correspondent banks, management of collections and payments in another 34 different currencies;
  • settlement transactions;
  • payment of wages and salaries through a dedicated tool that ensures data segregation and confidentiality;
  • management of cash pooling and cash concentration operations;
  • treasury services: time deposits, Forex spot trades, forward transactions, swaps;
  • asset management;
  • custody and settlement for securities transactions.

Banque Eni works with an automated, integrated system that ensures compliance with international regulations for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML-CFT) by systematically checking all transactions performed.
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