In detail:
  • A virtuous supply chain
  • Safety Competence Centre and safety pact
  • HSE aspects within the scope of the vendor qualification process

A virtuous supply chain

The purpose of the health and safety measures put in place by Eni is to improve working conditions and reduce the possibility of accidents for all workers, including contractors, external staff and occasional visitors.

Safety Competence Centre and safety pact

Eni has established a Safety Competence Centre (SCC), whose role is to support Eni’s industrial sites in Italy and abroad by coordinating and supervising contractors. In many situations, SCC staff are now implementing a safety pact: an initiative whereby Eni and its contractors share information and co-operate with the aim of making continuous improvements in the areas of health, safety and the environment (HSE).

HSE aspects within the scope of the vendor qualification process

As well as checking, assessing and monitoring the technical, organisational and managerial capacities, reliability, reputation for ethical conduct and solvency of a potential supplier, the objective of the Eni vendor qualification process is to ensure also compliance with Eni’s HSE standards. Depending on the type of process/commodity class, such assessments are performed by a multidisciplinary team. It analyses the vendor’s documentation and, if necessary, carries out on-site checks to ensure the vendor’s skills, capacities and equipment conform with Eni requirements in accordance with the indications provided by the Procurement department, including the assessment of HSE requirements.

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