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Eni Corporate University invites applications for the Master in Management ed Economia dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente MEDEA (Management and Economics of Energy & the Environment), organised and run by Scuola Enrico Mattei. This page outlines the general requirements for admission, how to apply and information about scholarships. Every year a specific announcement is made for the new academic Year, highlighting the dates a the precise deadline for applications.

The announcement

The Master’s course is aimed at young graduates interested in pursuing a career in companies, bodies and organisations in the energy and environmental sector. The MEDEA offers a Business Administration in the Energy Industry programme based on two study options: Global Energy and Managing Technical Assets. The two programmes share a significant part of the teaching input and are divided into three stages of study characterised by growing levels of specialization. The courses usually start in mid-September and run until the end of June. Despite all lessons being conducted in English, for non-Italian students an intensive Italian language during the summer before the course is also foreseen. The organisation of classes and study activities require full-time participation. Students who pass the final examinations are awarded the Master in Management and Economics of Energy and the Environment (MEDEA).


The basic requirements for admission to the course for Italian candidates are: 
  • a Italian university degree (2nd level - magistrale) with a final mark of not less than 105/110 (or 95/100) awarded by an economics or engineering faculty
  • an age of not more than 28 years 
  • fluency in English.

Applications are accepted also from Italian students who expect to graduate by the July preceding the beginning of the course.

For non-Italian candidates the normal requirements are:
  • possession of a university degree (from second upper class or equivalent) from a recognised university, in the faculties of economics, finance, business administration, management, engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, statistics
  • an age of not more than 32 years 
  • fluency in English.

Applications and the selection process

Applicants can submit their application using the www.eni.com site. The deadline for submission is indicated in the annual announcement. Final selection will take place in San Donato Milanese, as well as other Eni offices around the world where necessary.


Admission to the Master foresees the possibility of taking advantage of a scholarship covering tuition fees (of €25,000) and includes monthly living allowance of €700, the teaching materials and the use of company canteens. The Admissions Committee allocates scholarships after an assessment of the university curriculum, other qualifications and professional experience. Any academic or professional experience in the oil and gas sector will be properly evaluated. The courses may also be attended by people selected autonomously by foreign companies of the Eni group.

To submit your application, click here


MEDEA - Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics
I fase
financial accounting
hydrocarbons' cycle
project management
applied econometrics quantitative methods for management
system dynamics for the energy sector energy projects evaluation
II fase
behavioural economics
energy economics
environmental economics and policy
corporate finance
geopolitics of energy
corporate social responsibility
III fase
science communication
strategic management
energy contracts
electrical power system
technology and innovation management logistics
planning and control safety and environmental protection
risk management environmental assessment


Due to organizational reason the program could change.

Offices and contacts

Scuola Enrico Mattei, Eni Corporate University
Via S. Salvo, 1
20097 - San Donato Milanese (MI) - Italia
Tel (0039) 02.520.57012
e-mail: info.scuolamattei@eni.com
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