Eni’s activities in Venezuela are mainly focused in the Upstream and in the Refining & Marketing sector.


Eni’s activities in Venezuela are mainly focused in the Upstream and in the Refining & Marketing sector.

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  • Exploration

    Eni is participating with a 19.5% interest in Petrolera Güiria for oil exploration and with a 40% interest in Punta Pescador and Gulfo de Paria Ovest for gas exploration, both located offshore in the eastern Venezuela.

  • Production

    In 2017, Eni’s production averaged 61 kboe/d. Activity is concentrated in Gulf of Venezuela and Gulf of Paria offshore and onshore in the Orinoco Oil Belt, over a developed and undeveloped acreage of 2,804 square kilometers (1,066 square kilometers net to Eni). Eni’s production comes from the Perla gas field (Eni’s interest 50%) in the Gulf of Venezuela, the oil field Junin 5 (Eni’s interest 40%) located in the Orinoco Oil Belt and from the Corocoro field (Eni’s interest 26%) in the Gulfo de Paria.

  • Refining

    Eni has a stake in Supermetanol CA, a joint venture with Pequiven (the state-owned petrochemical company) that operates a plant producing methanol.

Offices & contacts
Exploration & Production
Eni Venezuela BV e Cardon IV SA
Avenida Orinoco cruce con calle Mucuchíes
Edf. 448, Las Mercedes - Caracas
Ph.: (0058) 212 318 2000
(0058) 212 821 2000

Refining & Marketing
SuperOctanos CA
Complejo Petroquímico José Antonio Anzoátegui
Barcelona, Estado Anzoátegui. Venezuela
Ph.: (0058) 281 5008532
(0058) 281 5008534

Eni in Venezuela

  • Commencement of operations 1963
  • Employees until December 31, 2017 133

The Scuola Mattei and the MEDEA Masters

The Scuola Enrico Mattei organises and runs the masters degree in Management and the Economics of Energy and the Environment (MEDEA).

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Eni’s activities in Venezuela

dell'Orinoco Eni's presence, in the R&M sector, in a joint venture with a company that produces methanol in Venezuela Eni offices and contacts in Venezuela Upstream Eni has been present in Venezuela since 1998. [...] (1,066 square kilometers net to Eni). Production Eni's production comes from ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

(5) The reports of independent engineers are available on Eni website eni.com section Publications/Integrated Annual Report 2017. (6) Includes Eni's share of proved reserves of equity accounted entities. [...] Eni's proved and undeveloped reserves Eni's proved and undeveloped reserves Overview In detail: Proved undeveloped reserves Delivery ...

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Volume 1 – World Oil Review 2018

Contacts Volume 1 - World Oil Review 2018 Eni presents the first volume of the World Oil, Gas and Renewables Review , the annual statistics report that this year has reached the17 th edition. The present [...] countries. OPEC remains the biggest reserves holder (72% of world's total). In pole position still ...

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Production in 2016

production sold (320 mmbbl) was destined to Eni's mid- downstream sectors. About 22% of natural gas production sold (1,574 bcf) was destined to Eni's Gas & Power segment . Eni keeps on monitoring its productive [...] represented Eni's share). In particular, oil productive wells were 6,673 (2,494.7 of which represented Eni's share); natural gas productive wells amounted to 2,726 (1,242.9 of which represented Eni's share).

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Luca Cosentino

Asset Manager with Eni North Africa and then as Member of the Management Committee in the operating company Eni Oil, later Mellitah Oil & Gas. From 2010 to 2013 he was Managing Director of Eni Congo. In 2013 [...] France), in Venezuela and in the Persian Gulf. In this period, he also ...

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20097 San Donato Milanese Telefono: 02 5201 Fax: 02 520 56186 marketing@ecofuel.eni.com Reach Ecofuel/SDS: reach@ecofuel.eni.com Documents Code of Ethics (Only Italian version) pdf 113 KB Ecofuel HSE [...] relating to the company, available to download in PDF format Ecofuel SpA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ...

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Prize-giving Ceremony-International initiative for first level secondary schools 2012-2013

di Potenza . Sponsored by Eni, the initiative is aimed at first level secondary schools in the Val d'Agri , Val Camastra and Val Basento and other regions in countries where Eni operates: Alaska, Australia, [...] countries in which Eni operates, to enhance different environments and cultural backgrounds and expand the opportunities ...

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Gas & Power: 2017 performance and capital expenditure

(million) 7.7 7.8 7.9 Direct GHG emissions (mmtonnes CO 2 eq) 11.23 11.17 10.57 GHGemissions/kWheq(Eni Power) (gCO2eq/kWheq) 395 398 409 Installed capacity power plants (GW) 4.7 4.7 4.9 Electricity produced [...] training and continuing education initiatives as well as ...

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Production in 2017

was destined to Eni's mid-downstream business. About 20% of natural gas production sold (1,713 bcf) was destined to Eni's Gas & Power segment. The table with data on the production of Eni hydrocarbons in [...] 3 4.9 4 4 5.2 4 Venezuela 12 270.5 61 14 ...

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Exploration & Production: 2017 performance and capital expenditure

Includes Eni's share in joint ventures and equity-accounted entities. (b) Related to consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest [...] training and continuing education initiatives as well as HSE awareness programs have been developed. Eni is engaged in maintaining a ...

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2017 results

2017 results Eni's results in 2017 in the company's annual profile. In 2017 Eni delivered outstanding results proving the effectiveness of our deep transformation process started in 2014. As a result of [...] awareness addressed to Eni's people. In 2017, was launched the new Safety Training Center in ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

refinery) the chemical sector Eni offices and contacts in Italy Upstream Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2017, Eni's oil and gas production amounted to 134 kboe/d. Eni's activities in Italy are [...] 1- 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI), Italia Tel +39 02 520.1 ...

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The exploration model and projects

The exploration model and projects The success of Eni's Upstream model is based on the integration of various production chains. Our Upstream model Eni's exploration strategy is driven by time-to-market [...] XII block (Eni operator, with a 65 per cent stake): (i) the installation and launch of a new ...

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Banque Eni

Compliance Officer: Lorenzo Olearo Activities Banque Eni is an Eni company authorised to provide banking activities. It provides financial services for Eni and Eni companies all around the world. Main services: [...] Banque Eni Banque Eni Overview In detail: the company's organisational structure the main business areas engaged in link ...

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Governance Eni

Corporate Governance Code This is a governance model that Eni has adopted and improved to define the following: functions and relationships between the management and control bodies in the company; principles [...] formulation of the internal control and risk management system. The remuneration policy reflects Eni's values, vision and business ...

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Eni Award

Changes ahead with the 10th award Energy scenarios change, the landscape evolves, new talents emerge. The Eni Award will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2017 with important changes to the categories and the [...] Focus on the environment Environmental protection and the safeguarding of ecosystems is crucial to Eni in its ...

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Eni Peers

Contacts Eni Peers How Eni compares with the principal companies operating in the same sector: Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Total, BP, Conocophillips, Statoil, Anadarko, Apache e Marathon Oil. There was an error

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Eni: energy company

Eniscuola We are an energy company.We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique s

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Investors and ENI stakeholders

Strategic plan Stakeholder value through the energy transition - 2019-2022 Strategy Eni's 2019-2022 plan marks a new era in the company's evolution to a world-leading global energy provider. Integration,

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Eni’s Model

Corporate Governance Code for listed companies to which Eni adheres, internal regulations and established best practice. The Governance of Eni Eni is listed on the Milan and New York Stock Exchanges and [...] News Eni's Model Eni's Corporate Governance has a traditional structure and is founded on the principles ...

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