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Our approach to local development in Mexico

We have launched numerous initiatives to support the population of the State of Tabasco, in order to promote education, health and employment.


Green River Project: initiatives for agro-development in Nigeria

The project, launched in 1987, aims to promote local agro-zootechnical entrepreneurship through several initiatives.


Port Said: our approach to local development in Egypt

To improve access to healthcare and education in the area, we have launched a number of initiatives aimed at the population.


Coral South: the gas field off the coast of Mozambique

Coral South, the first project initiated in Mozambique, is developing the gas resources discovered in offshore area 4 in the Rovuma Basin.


Digital geoscience: depths of the earth as seen by our supercomputer

Thanks to HPC5, our researchers are learning even more about the subsoil.

03 March 2020

Bhit: the development of photovoltaics in Pakistan

At the end of 2019, we opened our first solar plant in the country to integrate operations with the nearby gas field.