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The Green River Project in Nigeria

The project, launched in 1987, aims to promote local agro-zootechnical entrepreneurship through several initiatives.


Val d Agri the Energy Valley project

The initiative launched in Basilicata aims to create a sustainable production model by combining economic diversification and circularity.


Digital geoscience: depths of the earth as seen by our supercomputer

Thanks to HPC5, our researchers are learning even more about the subsoil.

03 March 2020

Bhit: photovoltaic development in Pakistan

At the end of 2019, we opened our first solar plant in the country to integrate operations with the nearby gas field.


Liverpool Bay

In 1995 we launched various initiatives to protect the local area and now we are reusing and repurposing our infrastructure to develop an offshore CO₂ storage site.


Badamsha: our wind power project in Kazakhstan

Through the launch of the fields we want to contribute to the country's goal of obtaining 50% of energy from renewables by 2050.