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Circular transition: if not now, when?

In terms of employment, Italy ranks second in the EU for number of employees in the recovery, recycling and reuse sectors. It's important to take this opportunity for economic development.

18 March 2021

Women and science, the winning combination for innovation

Science and gender equality feature in the UN's 2030 Agenda. Achieving these goals also depends on companies and their commitment to supporting an Inclusive Work Culture.

04 March 2022

Smart industry for circular economy

How can sensors and smart devices help companies implement circular business models?

06 February 2020

China's Big Game

The Internet of Energy - a combination of AI, big data, cloud computing and IoT - could be the key to decarbonizing the planet's economy.

27 June 2019

The Global Powers Confront the Crisis

While the Trump Administration rejected green stimulus measures, China supported the clean energy sector, though those efforts have been offset by other, more carbon-intensive stimulus.

07 January 2021

The pandemic has to deal with math

How the application of multidisciplinary sciences, from computational models to AI, can help to counter the epidemic impact.

11 May 2020

Space Resources

Some of the many projects aimed at conquering the resources available in the space.

05 March 2020

AI Making a Smart Industry Even Smarter

By using AI, the sector could increase its value by over 150 billion dollars. Companies are beginning to experiment them...

20 August 2019

The SDGs, people and the planet

Marina Ponti explains the changes and opportunities arising from the difficult times the whole world is experiencing, in order to envision a new kind of future.

19 July 2021

Megatrends, millennials and communication

Digital revolution is transforming society, from the concept of work itself to relationships. Future scenarios, risks and opportunities.

07 February 2020

The (un)sustainable bitcoin

The significant environmental impact of the cryptocurrency world is causing concern among new generations of investors.

02 August 2021
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