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The circularity of disposable masks

A number of solutions to recycle the most common defence against the spread of the pandemic.

03 May 2021

Hydrogen, its potential as an energy vector

The path to decarbonization is paved with H₂.

03 December 2021

A new energy for the Africa of today and tomorrow

The energy transition on the African continent depends on biofuels, agreements on new energy sources and alternative forms of production.


From a luxury hotel to a shopping centre: the circular economy is possible

It might seem fanciful. But a luxury hotel and a shopping centre can be 100% sustainable and established around circular economy concept.

05 February 2020

Recognising the vital importance of water

Eni talks about its commitment to promote efficient water management through its business and related projects in Italy and around the world.


Taking steps to safeguard local communities and human rights

An interview with Arturo Garrido Mora, director of the Department of Biological Sciences at Mexico’s UJAT University.

06 November 2020

Human rights and corporate responsibility in Mexico

A virtual panel on respect for human rights.

29 September 2020

Hydrogen for traveling

The rise of one of the most promising candidates to lead the energy transition in the transport field.

17 May 2021

Efficient asphalt: Italian technology on the road

Old asphalt needs continuous maintenance and is not efficient. But our country is at the cutting edge of experiments with new materials.

09 February 2020

An alliance to give new life to plastics

Versalis contributes to the EU initiative, with a new line of eco-sustainable products.

27 April 2020

World Economic Forum 2021: an agreement to measure ESG performance

Leaders of 61 global companies announce their commitment to the Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics. With our decarbonization strategy we are at the forefront of a more sustainable future.

26 January 2021
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