Eni discovers new large gas fields offshore Cyprus

The discoveries of natural gas in the sea off Cyprus are the result of an effective exploration strategy combined with the application of proprietary geophysical technologies.

Natural gas in the Mediterranean will support energy supply

In August and December 2022, Eni discovered two new gas fields off the country's coast. The first is a reservoir of natural gas under the seabed off Cyprus, thanks to the Cronos-1 exploration well in Block 6, operated by Eni Cyprus with a 50% stake. TotalEnergies is Eni’s partner in the project and holds the remaining 50% stake. The discovery paves the way for the development of new gas resources in the Mediterranean region and is part of Eni's successful efforts to support the supply of additional energy to Europe. Preliminary estimates indicate approximately 2.5 TCF of gas in place, or about 70 billion cubic metres, with significant further potential that will be investigated by drilling an additional exploration well.  The second is the result of a discovery made through the Zeus-1 well, which was drilled in Block 6, 162 km off the coast and at a water depth of 2,300 metres. In this case, too, the block is operated by Eni Cyprus, which holds a 50% stake, with TotalEnergies as a partner. Preliminary estimates suggest gas volumes of about 56 to 85 billion cubic metres for the site.

This success was made possible by cutting-edge technology

The discovery of large quantities of gas offshore Cyprus confirms the effectiveness of Eni's exploration strategy, which is based on in-depth knowledge of geological basins and the application of proprietary geophysical technologies, in particular in the field of seismic imaging using the large computing power of the HPC5 supercomputer. The intensive campaign to collect experimental data on the mined material has already shown an overall useful thickness of over 260 metres, with intervals characterised by excellent permeability. Engineering studies for a fast-track development of the project are already under way.

Geoscienze digitali

Digital geoscience: depths of the earth as seen by our supercomputer

Thanks to HPC5, our researchers are learning even more about the subsoil.

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The importance of natural gas in Eni's energy mix

Gas is crucial for energy supply and source diversification. In line with our decarbonisation strategy, its GHG emissions will be progressively reduced.


Natural gas supports the energy transition

Natural gas is important for the security of energy supplies and its Green House Gas emissions will be progressively reduced.

Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

The agreements for the diversification of energy sources

We work closely with producing countries, partners and local institutions to progressively diversify our global portfolio.