Economic diversification in Mozambique

We contribute to improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country through business immersion programs.

#Ideate boot camp, helping companies to help the country develop

Through our work in Mozambique to encourage the development of enterprise, we help small and medium businesses be more competitive and offer better products and services. Through Eni Rovuma Basin we signed a collaboration agreement with Standard Bank’s business incubator and between May 2019 and August 2020 we implemented a business immersion programme for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Mozambique. The project, through a series of events and training sessions put on in the city of Maputo and virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, began with the aim of helping companies validate their business models, thus contributing to their sustainability and growth. The initiative, called #Ideate bootcamp, saw over 100 SME representatives take part in its first phase. It is part of an Enterprise Development Programme implemented to strengthen the competitiveness of local businesses and promote potential business opportunities throughout the value chain of sectors other than O&G. At the #Ideate boot camp participants had the chance to learn and use methodologies for effectively evaluating, improving, designing and getting across their business models, easing them into their market. Something that is encouraged in the seminars is exchanging experiences, sharing ideas and creating synergy between companies, so they are pushed to join forces and grasp all the opportunities the market offers.

In 2021, in line with international standards, Eni strengthened the integration of the gender perspective in the project cycle, ensuring its adoption in the technical assessment (pre-approval) phase.


In the training the tutors had us analyse what was working and where there was room for improvement in each phase of our work. They pushed us to focus all our attention on the customer’s needs, which we hadn’t taken into consideration much before.

Leopoldina Dias

The entrepreneurship support program iCreate

In September 2021, through Eni Rovuma Basin, on behalf of the Area 4 Partners and in partnership with Standard Bank's Business Incubator, we launched iCreate, a entrepreneurship support program, part of the local content plan of the Coral South Project and aimed at Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that have been operating in the market for more than two years. The iCreate program aims to strengthen the capacity of SMEs that are already established in the market and that have high potential for growth, in order to make them more competitive and sustainable in the long term. The 12-weeks training program took place from September to December 2021. For the first edition, 25 SMEs were selected from a total of 122 companies that applied to participate in the #Ideate Bootcamp business immersion programs, also organized in 2019 and 2020. In addition to training, the initiative included mentoring and business consultancy support tailored to the needs of the companies, which benefited to market and financing opportunities. The program offered access to a variety of business support services, as well as content from partners and specialists from various sectors of activity.

#Ideate boot camp for local enterprise: gallery

Dozens of local entrepreneurs have taken part in business immersion programs organized in the Mozambican capital to enhance the competitiveness of their businesses and carve out a stronger niche in the market.


Training helps us come up with useful tools for innovation for us as entrepreneurs, but also improves our teamwork and customer relations. We’ve been on the market for about eight months, but we came prepared, thanks in part to the skills we learnt at the #Ideate boot camp.

Hercílio Alberto Chinguvo

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action plan signed in September 2015 by 193 UN countries. It sets out 17 goals for socio-economic development in communities and countries. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 8, we help achieve higher standards of economic productivity, through diversification, technological progress and innovation. We put in place policies with a view to development, supporting production, creating decent jobs, stimulating enterprise, creativity and innovation, and encouraging people to start small and medium businesses.