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Wired and Eni together for a new content ecosystem on carbon neutrality and energy culture.

Carbon Neutrality is an increasingly relevant topic for the public interested in understanding how companies and governments can take concrete steps to reduce carbon emissions. To help disseminate news and stories about energy culture, Eni has created a partnership with Wired, one of the most influential magazines covering technology and innovation. Through in-depth articles, engaging videos, short social media clips and live events, the collaboration aims to actively engage the public in an open and inclusive discussion. The goal is to build an informed, environmentally conscious community in order to promote the cultural, in addition to industrial, role of Eni’s Carbon Neutrality projects and inspire readers to support the transition to a low-carbon future.

Energy from renewable sources

Space activity can help the world energy transition, starting from photovoltaic energy collected outside the atmosphere. Let's see how.

Satellite in orbit

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