Eni and the mobility of the future to FuoriSalone 2023

With an installation inside the Brera’s Botanical Garden, dedicated to the theme of sustainable mobility, we were at the event from the 17ᵗʰ to the 26ᵗʰ of April 2023.

design by Italo Rota + Carlo Ratti Associati 

The road to decarbonisation

Eni has been at the FuoriSalone in Milan, from 17th till 26 th of April, as co-producer of the Progetto MostraInterni Design Re-Evolution.

Visitors were able to investigate the game-installation in the Brera Botanical Garden, dedicated to the theme of sustainable mobility, evidence of the company's commitment to the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Eni Sustainable Mobility, the new company dedicated to identifying potential solutions for more sustainable mobility, is helping to achieve this goal.

An experiential Walk the Talk to learn about the mobility of the future

A trail installed in the Brera Botanical Garden to provide visitors with an easy, fun way to learn about the mobility of the future. Walk the talk - Energia in movimento is the name of the installation that allowed visitors to a explore the theme of transforming urban mobility in a more sustainable way, putting citizens at the center and stimulating a reflection on the relationship with the space in which they live and move.

Designed for Eni by Italo Rota and Carlo Ratti Associati, the construction has transformed one of Milan’s most charming green spaces into an amazing living game board that covers an area of approximately 3500 square meters. 400 squares on a trail that wound its way through pathways of trees and plants, creating light and sound effects that change the space at different times of day. Participants in the game have chosen which paths to follow and interactively discovered solutions for increasingly sustainable mobility.

The game has invited visitors to join a conversation about the future of our cities, addressing topics such as services offered by Eni Live Stations, the sharing of vehicles and the production of biofuels from renewable raw materials.

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The mobility of the future - Stefano Ballista, CEO of Eni Sustainable Mobility, Carlo Ratti (Carlo Ratti Associati) and Italo Rota (Studio Italo Rota).


The multisensory experience of Feeling the Energy

Eni, with its subsidiary Plenitude, participated in the 2022 edition of FuoriSalone with the Feeling the Energy installation, which formed part of the Design Re-Generation exhibition. The project, built using 500 metres of antibacterial Copper tubing supplied by KME, one of the leading international manufacturers of Copper and Copper alloys, was intended to demonstrate the company's strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. The construction offered visitors a multisensory experience which enabled them to perceive the energy that surrounded them through all five senses. From sound to light, moving through wind, visitors had a chance to witness how sound is generated, how speed develops and, with photovoltaic panels, how sunlight is converted into energy. 


The role of forests against climate change

Eni's participation in the 2021 edition of FuoriSalone reaffirmed the strategic role played by forests in countering the effects of climate change. The Natural Capital installation, erected in the Creative Connections exhibition, provided visitors with an understanding of the invaluable role of the various species of trees growing in the Brera Botanical Garden in absorbing CO2, a process inhibited by deforestation. A way of emphasising the importance of preserving forests and protecting the planet through design and universal language.