Human Knowledge Blended

Joule: Eni school of entrepreneurship

One mission, two growth paths

Joule is a unique training and entrepreneurship course that builds on the value of the individual to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs, and promote a new idea of business based on sustainability, the fight against climate change and decarbonization across all sectors, not only Energy.

Its mission is to support the growth of sustainable enterprises through two tracks, Human Knowledge (Open and Lab) and Energizer, dedicated to training and the acceleration of startups respectively.

HK's objective is to support entrepreneurial growth through HK Open, a free, innovative, educational development experience that is open to everyone, and HK Lab, the Idea Validation programme  dedicated to teams of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to validate their projects.

Finally, Energizer is the ecosystem accelerator that supports startups with a significant impact on environmental and social sustainability through incubation, acceleration and/or experimentation programmes with Eni and its network.


HK Open: a development training course to help you grow your business idea

HK Open is an online learning accelerator that supports entrepreneurial growth in the field of sustainability, through the in-depth study of ten macro topics, challenges, concrete opportunities, web-apps for soft skill training and a plan to increase learning levels. Joule Talks, Meet the expert live and many exclusive events are also part of the Open training programme.

HK Open is a network of excellent trainers and entrepreneurs who share their experience and create a community together: a forum where you can expand your contact network. The Joule community is a great tool for personal growth that helps you to get to know other Joule participants, discover their skills, professional experience and interests.


HK Lab: the topical Idea Validation roadshow

HK Lab is a topical Idea Validation course, designed for teams of at least two people to develop skills and provide a space for creating new future visions, helping make them a reality. Launched in May 2021, HK Lab is a 7-day full-time course, designed for new entrepreneurs in the fields of sustainability, decarbonization, the circular economy and combating climate change. It can be applied to different sectors, not only Energy, but also Food & Beverage, Fashion, Real Estate, Automotive and others.

The course follows an engaging, workshop-based approach, and includes contributions from startup founders, internal Eni experts and external experts from the innovation ecosystem, business schools and leading academic institutions.


Energizer: the energy transition accelerator

Energizer is the startup accelerator that supports the transformation from idea to business, through cooperation and co-innovation. It is the first programme dedicated to decarbonization, combating climate change and the circular economy. Energizer promotes and nurtures partnerships and collaborations with spin-offs and accelerators across the country, with a focus on the places where Eni has an existing business presence.

New companies have already sprung up in different Italian regions and cooperate in different ways: Incubation, Techboost and Co-innovation. Each startup that enters the Energizer programme undergoes a circularity and carbon impact assessment to identify relevant areas for impact monitoring and improvement.