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Diversity to keep up with the beat

Jazz is improvisation. The best harmony does not come from chords, but from the freedom of expression of the musicians, with their favourite instruments: "The secret lies in the ability to overcome difficulties together, including disagreements". During a scientific mission, Chiara explains, you win and fail together as a team.

“The first time I arrived in Antarctica I was 29 years old, very young and very excited. Despite knowing everything about the South Pole, getting there and finding myself in such a huge natural space, it was a totally overwhelming experience.” The engineer Chiara Montanari, was the first Italian woman to lead an expedition on a scientific mission to Antarctica. Her experience at the edge of the world taught her a lesson we all can draw on.

“During an expedition I like to think that we are a sort of jazz musicians - says Chiara - We do a lot of preparation beforehand and then we carry out our projects at the Antarctica’s pace. We need to manage situations in real time.”

Like in music, success comes from recognising and valuing the unique characteristics of each member of the group. Diversity is an opportunity for innovation, creativity and growth. Managing differences and inclusion is an ever-evolving process that needs to be constantly cared for and nurtured, with an approach that is never linear.

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Diversity translates into wealth

Chiara's lesson should also prompt other organisations to reflect, starting with large companies, where cultural, religious and ethnic pluralities increasingly coexist. These become breeding grounds for innovation, where performance and mood improve, with positive effects on motivation and sense of belonging.

As many as 108 different nationalities coexist within the Eni group, and we work every day to develop and spread a culture of inclusion to contribute to a prejudice-free environment that guarantees equal opportunities to all.

The #EniforInclusion project, for example, is an important initiative aimed at raising awareness among all employees of specific issues such as the fight on violence against women, gender equality, sexual orientation, disability, internationality and intergenerationality.

As proof of its commitment to the issue, Eni has endorsed the UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEP) to strengthen the gender equality and women empowerment approach and business practices.  

Eni is also committed to reducing and eliminating all possible forms of discrimination or harassment and to valuing individual uniqueness. To support inclusion and respect, Eni has issued its Zero Tolerance Policy against discrimination and harassment in the workplace. This is an important tool for employees to feel truly free and protected.

Only by learning to recognize the added value of diversity can we create the conditions for an inclusive society. As Chiara Montanari reminds us in her account: “Growth in awareness is achieved by changing our approach to things. I called it Antarctic Mindset and it is really an expansion of our potential in terms of thinking, of ability to think”.

The author: Barbara Bella

She works at Eni’s External Communication, in particular on contents related to D&I and sustainability.

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