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Health protection

The wellbeing of Eni's people is crucial to us. That is why our approach rests on high standards of health and always supports proactive strategies.

We are committed to protecting and promoting everyone's health. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and number 3 in particular, we see health as a fundamental aim. That is why Eni makes choices with a view to reducing the environmental impact of its activities as much as possible, on the one hand, and ensuring the health of its people and of the communities where Eni works, on the other.

The importance of wellbeing

Our protection and prevention plans, at every level, aim to enhance the physical, mental and social wellbeing both of our employees and their families and local people. We place a particular emphasis on the more fragile environments in which we work and run a number of initiatives on health to inform and raise awareness and prevent risks.

We are working constantly to protect the health of local people in the countries where we operate, supporting the medical services provided by local welfare systems and seeking to improve general knowledge and prevention. Eni encourages models of healthy behaviour and risk-prevention among its people. We also incentivise and encourage regular specific medical checks, which are crucial to any prevention strategy for illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Everyone involved, with the same goal, around the world

The importance Eni places on its people's health results in an integrated strategy at every level of the company functions. Only a concrete awareness, evident everywhere in the company, can really protect the health and well-being of Eni's people. This approach takes form in prevention. Primary prevention is spreading healthy lifestyles. Secondary prevention is providing early diagnosis for illnesses. Finally, tertiary services, intervening in cases of illnesses already in progress, preventing their consequences and promoting rehabilitation. 

Naturally, our commitment is to everyone living in the areas Eni works in.

To Italian workers abroad, Eni provides assistance through on-site medical facilities and agreements with major international medical organisations, and where necessary, takes them back home. We are aware of the demands in the countries we work in, and with the help of the Eni Foundation, we carry out projects to strengthen basic healthcare assistance and vaccination campaigns.

Health for Eni: initiatives and main projects

In 2019, we had a programme of health management, to promote and maintain the health and well-being of Eni people and provide proper risk management in working environments. The health management system has been extended to all Eni companies, in Italy and abroad.

Promoting health

Identification and implementation of health promotion initiatives for the prevention of diseases involving information, communication, awareness, prevention through vaccination, screening for Groups at risk and prevention of complications of diseases that have already been diagnosed.

Work risks

The process of identifying, monitoring and controlling work risks, including those not specifically regulated, such as traveller’s health, continues in connection with the industrial and health surveillance process.

Response to health emergencies

Guaranteed access to services provided for health emergencies. In 2019, the application of the response criteria to health emergencies was checked in accordance with company policies.

Digitalisation of processes

Feasibility studies, functional design and the launch of the development of management applications in the context of the digitalisation project for processes and health services.

Access to health care

Ensure the application of the principles of occupational medicine, and access to primary care in all operational contexts. The census continued in 2019 for all company business units and contracted healthcare structures on the dedicated management application.

Health of the community

Promotion of population health in partner countries, as a prerequisite for socio-economic development, through specific programmes.

Eni in the fight against coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus health emergency that hit Italy and the rest of the world at the beginning of 2020, Eni has carried out a series of activities in the medical and social area, using its extensive experience gained from other health projects across the world, with a financial commitment of 35 million euros including international activities, mainly focused on Africa. Eni is supporting several hospitals in Italy dedicated to the treatment of coronavirus patients: the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation for the construction of Covid 2 Hospital in Rome, with 130 beds, including 50 in intensive care, and setting up a dedicated emergency department, as well as supplying high-tech equipment for diagnosing the disease; the IRCCS Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan for the construction of a new emergency department for infectious diseases; the IRCCS San Matteo Polyclinic in Pavia for the construction of a high-level isolation unit in the infectious diseases department; the IRCCS San Donato Polyclinic with medical equipment; the ASST Bergamo Est and Giovanni XXIII Hospital with medical equipment (pulmonary ventilators) and PPE.

Other hospitals have received support in the regions of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Basilicata, Apulia, Sardinia and Sicily with the supply of health equipment to increase the capacity of intensive care units. Finally, the company has made its supercomputing infrastructures and its molecular modeling skills available for coronavirus research, offering this contribution of tools and resources of excellence in the fight against the global emergency.