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Health protection

The wellbeing of Eni's people is crucial to us. That is why our approach rests on high standards of health and always supports proactive strategies.

We are committed to protecting and promoting everyone's health. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we view good health as a fundamental aim. That is why Eni makes choices with a view to reducing the environmental impact of its activities as much as possible.

The importance of wellbeing

Our protection and prevention plans, at every level, aim to enhance the physical, mental and social wellbeing both of our employees and their families and local people. We place a particular emphasis on the more fragile environments in which we work and run a number of initiatives on health to inform and raise awareness and prevent risks.

We are working constantly to protect the health of local people in the countries where we operate, supporting the medical services provided by local welfare systems and seeking to improve general knowledge and prevention. Eni encourages models of healthy behaviour and risk-prevention among its people.. We also incentivise and encourage regular specific medical checks, which are crucial to any prevention strategy for illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Everyone around the world involved with the same goal

The importance Eni places on its people's health results in an integrated strategy at every level of our activities. A consistent awareness across the company can better protect the health and wellbeing of Eni's people.

A major part of this is our approach to prevention. Primary prevention is encouraging healthy lifestyles, while secondary prevention means providing early diagnosis for illnesses. Finally, tertiary prevention applies when an illness has been treated and rehabilitation is needed to avoid any further damage.

Naturally, our commitment is to everyone living in the areas where Eni operates.

For Italian workers abroad, Eni provides assistance through on-site medical facilities and agreements with major international medical organisations and, where necessary, brings them home. We are aware of the diverse demands in the countries we work in and with the help of the Eni Foundation we carry out local projects to strengthen systems of primary assistance and vaccination campaigns.

Eni's health initiatives

In 2018, we had a programme of health management to promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of Eni people and provide proper risk management in working environments.

2016 2017 2018
Health Impact Assessments carried out (number) 8 13 20
Employees included in health monitoring programs 31.643 30.944 28.807
Number of health services provided 484.984 450.398 473.437
of which to employees 349.763 297.480 320.933
of which to contractors 72.350 56.573 68.796
of which to relatives 56.677 79.687 66.327
of which to others 6.194 16.658 17.381
Number of registration to health promotion initiative 27.424 56.765 148,130(a)
of which to employees 18.245 34.458 57.110
of which to contractors 7.762 11.739 43.525
of which to relatives 1.417 10.568 47.495
OIFR Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (total Eni) (Allegations of professional illness/worked hours) x 1.000.000 0,15 0,13 0.16(b)
Allegations of professional illness (number) 133 120 81
of which to employees 14 12 10
of which to previous employed 119 108 71

(a) The increase in the figure for the number of registrations for health promotion initiatives compared to previous years depends on the improvement of the monitoring activities of the execution of the initiatives themselves.
(b) The 2018 OIFR is calculated considering only the consolidated perimeter, unlike that of previous years. The OIFR calculated on the total hours worked by ENI is equal to 0.11