Diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to fostering a culture of plurality in the company

We consider diversity a resource to be safeguarded and valued both within the company and in all relations with external stakeholders, including suppliers and business and industrial partners, as underlined by our Mission and our Code of Ethics. We foster inclusion in support of internal engagement and business innovation and promote numerous initiatives aimed at inclusion. We make equal pay for equal work an integral part of our approach and are committed to continuously improving our ability to integrate the female perspective into different business processes and areas.


Zero Tolerance Policy - the choral video of our 22 colleagues, from different countries.


Principles and organization

We are committed to creating a working environment where diversity, personal and cultural views are regarded as sources of mutual enrichment, as well as key factors in business sustainability.


Eni does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, social status, physical ability, medical condition, family status, age or any other reason.

Our sustainability report 2020 - A just transition

Women and science

Science and gender equality feature in the UN's 2030 Agenda. Achieving these goals also depends on companies and their commitment to supporting an Inclusive Work Culture.


Our initiatives

We are continuing to promote projects aimed at raising awareness of, and overcoming obstacles to, the recognition of diversity and risks of non-inclusion.



Pay equity for the same role is an integral part of Eni's approach to Diversity and Inclusion and also refers to the UN principle of "equal pay for equal work".

Our transparent approach to finance, human rights and inclusion is a commitment every bit as important as decarbonizing our activities. It is all part of the work of creating a new model of development to reduce the many gaps.

Claudio Descalzi (Eni's CEO)

Beyond the direct workforce

We are aware that the positive and negative impacts that companies can have on women are not limited to the direct workforce.


Women in science