Our work in Germany

Following a long period of activity in the field of Exploration & Production, our operations in the country currently focus on developing the Global Gas & LNG and Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sectors.


Gas sales in the country

We operate in the German natural gas market through a direct commercial entity.  Overall, in 2020, total sales in Germany and Austria amounted to 0.35 bcm, a decrease of 1.84 bcm, or 84% from 2019 due to the optimization of portfolio activities and lower volumes marketed to local distribution company.

From pipelines to refineries

We produce and sell petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, fuel oil, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and kerosene in the country. We hold an 8.33% stake in the Schwedt refinery and a 20% stake in Bayernoil - an integrated refining centre incorporating the Vohburg and Neustadt plants. Eni's share of the refining capacity is around 60,000 barrels per day, which are fed into distribution networks in Bavaria and East Germany. The crude oil destined for Bayernoil is transported across the Mediterranean to the port of Trieste, continuing its journey by pipeline to Bavaria. The Schwedt refinery, meanwhile, is supplied primarily with Russian crude oil via the Drushba pipeline, also known as the ‘Friendship Pipeline’, though it can also be supplied with crude oil via a pipeline from the port of Rostock. Finished products are distributed via a widespread logistical infrastructure comprising around 30 warehouses and loading points. Eni Deutschland, meanwhile, enables us to supply the service station network and its wholesalers throughout Germany with finished products by road or rail in a tanker. We currently hold 3.2% of the network market share with 471 service stations at the end of the year, of which 339 are owned directly, with an average delivery of 3,200 litres. The locations of the outlets throughout the country give us a network market share of 9% in Bavaria and 5% in Baden-Württemberg. The non-oil division is performing better than its competitors across all product categories. We sell fuels, bitumen, fuel oils, jets and special products including LPG, heavy fuel and similar products on the extra-network market via Eni Deutschland, achieving a total annual volume of around 1.2 million tonnes. Last but not least, we also operate in the German chemicals sector with a number of commercial subsidiaries via Versalis International.


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