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Our collaboration with Italian universities

We make our knowledge available to students by sharing our technical knowledge with various Italian universities so that it can be integrated into Master's degrees focused especially on the energy industry. Because today's students may become Eni people tomorrow.

Master’s Degree PLUS at University of Pavia

Partner: University of Pavia

Degree courses involved: International Business and Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Advanced Biotechnology.

Duration: 2,5 academic years

Programme: The courses have a total duration of 5 semesters (2.5 years). Selected students have the opportunity to carry out a curricular internship for 2 semesters in Eni (12 months) in order to realize their thesis.

Partecipants: A programmed number of students, first level graduates, for each academic year and enrolled in one of the Master PLUS degree courses of interest to Eni, will be selected by the Academic Council of the individual degree courses and by Eni, both on the basis of the results obtained at the curricular level and through individual motivational interviews for the assignment of the company internship.

For more information about the call for application and the admission requirements, visite the website of Università degli studi di Pavia.

Our training courses

The dissertation is a crucial step in the transition from university to the world of work. For this reason, we offer support to students who request it.

Degree in Engineering

From energy to the environment: the programmes we develop with top universities.

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Geology and Geophysics

We develop pathways ranging from applied sciences to sustainable development via earth sciences.

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International training courses

We believe in knowledge as a decisive factor for the growth and development of countries and communities.

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