The Eni company that operates in the field of integrated services for buildings, people and business support.

EniServizi is the company that provides facility management services for real estate, people and business support for Eni and its subsidiaries. The company conducts a wide range of activities, including: the management of real estate and work spaces, utilities, document reproduction, archive and storage, catering services and travel. And integrated and optimised offer of services based on the use of advanced information systems.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of EniServizi is made up as follows:

  • Francesca Zarri, Chairman
  • Paolo Repetti, Chief executive
  • Francesca Ferrazza, Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors of EniServizi is made up as follows:

  • Mario Vincenzo Cribari , Chairman
  • Carla Vilucchi, Luigi Vannini, Standing statutory auditors
  • Maria Francesca Talamonti, Andrea Zampini, Substitute statutory auditors


EniServizi operates in three main areas: facility management, business services and People Care services.

Building services

Ensuring appropriate work locations and corporate offices that meet standards of quality, functionality, comfort and environmental safety, and the optimal management of the real estate assets owned by Eni are the main building services provided by the company and can be summarised as follows:

  • real estate services: property activities for the provision of the spaces needed for the development of the company’s business activities, for residential use, as well as the technical and administrative management of leases and properties owned
  • the management and maintenance of buildings and adjacent outdoor areas: extraordinary maintenance work and interventions related to energy saving, environmental health but also porter services, removals and furniture 
  • Development of project initiatives: with regard to project management activities for the design and realisation of real estate, security systems and access verification systems.


Business services

The goal of these services is to provide people at Eni with the means and tools for the effective conduct of their work and include:

  • managing corporate vehicle fleets: including the management of leasing contracts in the name and on behalf of Eni and its subsidiaries
  • mobility management: includes the preparation and implementation of plans for the development of mobility “home-working” of Eni people, the organisation of “carpooling” and “car sharing” initiatives, the management of relationships with public transport authorities and the signing of agreements to facilitate mobility for Eni’s people, the organisation and the management of inter-company connection services
  • printing and multifunction systems: i.e. the provision and management of devices for the reproduction and transmission of documents (printers, copiers and multifunction, fax) and the development of projects for the rationalisation of printing systems designed to promote sustainability, reduce costs and protect the environment by containing the consumption of paper, toner and electricity.
  • archive management: cataloguing, digitising and storing paper documents and the cataloguing and conservation of geological and geophysical materials
  • Eni Users Inspectorate, is the structure, certified by Accredia (the Italian accreditation body, the only national body authorised by the state to carry out accreditation activities) authorised by the Ministry of Economic Development, which assesses compliance with the European Directive PED of newly-built pressure equipment, to be installed at the industrial plants of Eni and its subsidiaries, to issue the relevant compliance certificates pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 93 of 25 February 2000.
  • other services such as mail services, shipping and storage.


People Care Services

Includes all services for Eni people, directly or indirectly related to work activities or that aim to facilitate the balance between work and private life and to promote the maintenance of wellbeing and health. Such services include:

  • catering: i.e. the organisation and management of company restaurants, the provision of food vouchers (electronic/paper), the organisation and management of the guest quarters, the management of vending machines for food and beverages, and catering services
  • visa, emigration and immigration services: activities related to obtaining permits for the entry of foreign personnel in Italy, as well as the necessary documents for the exit of Italian personnel or the repatriation of the foreign staff, as well as support for the renewal/issue of passports
  • travel management: i.e. the organisation and management of transfers of Eni staff, including booking and issuing of tickets, hotel reservations and car rental services, travel arrangements with the use of corporate aircraft and charter flight rental
  • welfare initiatives: i.e. the organisation and management of social activities for Eni’s people and their families, such as Eni nursery and kindergarten facilities, summer camps and educational trips, sports and recreation, and the signing of agreements with favourable terms for the purchase of goods and services
  • health services: concern both the services which falls within obligations of employers, and medical and health-related services to facilitate the prevention and protection of the health and wellbeing of Eni’s people.


The importance of respect for health, safety and the environment, is not a question of mere regulatory compliance, but a duty and obligation towards natural and fundamental human rights. Aware that its activities may have effects that impact on the Protection of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), EniServizi has as a strategic objective the proper management of these aspects, an approach that confirms not only the effectiveness, but also the reliability and compliance of all of the projects undertaken.

Model 231 (only italian version)

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Normative Appendix (only italian version)

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Accreditation certificate (only Italian version)

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Articles of association (only Italian version)

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Annual report 2014 (only Italian version)

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