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Eni España Comercializadora de Gas (EECG)

Activities, Products and Services

Eni España Comercializadora de Gas (EECG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eni SpA, is a leading company in the Spanish gas market. It supplies gas to the industrial, SME, power sector and wholesale market playing a relevant role in the Spanish logistic market. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Eni España Comercializadora de Gas is made up as follows:

  • Cristian Signoretto, Chairman
  • Maurizio Limiti, Managing Director 
  • Roberto Albergante, Director


Eni España Comercializadora de Gas has consolidated its business in the Spanish market since the beginning of its activity in 2001, and has established itself as one of the leading natural gas marketing companies.

EECG is present in Spain through three territorial delegations (Center-South, based in Madrid; North, based in Gijón; East, based in Valencia) and also has commercial offices in Seville and Barcelona, and operates in all regasification terminals within the Spanish market, which gives the company great operational flexibility.

It supplies natural gas, throughout the national territory, for industrial production processes in the most gas intensive sectors, SMEs in the tertiary sector, as well as well as cogeneration plants for power generation and thermal energy.

In the particular case of the industrial market and SMEs market segments, it has a wide and diversified portfolio of clients, which places it among the main operators by volume of sales in this segment. All of them are large gas consuming companies and are present in industrial sectors such as the manufacture of paper, ceramics and building materials, and chemical, automotive and food and beverage manufacturing.

In such an open, competitive market, where price is a critical variable, EECG’s differentiation lies in the credibility and reliability that its presence and its parent company Eni make through the whole natural gas value chain, as well as its flexibility, proximity and agility to immediately respond to its customers’ needs.

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