The partnership with Mozambique

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Coral South

A reliable source of energy for the development of Mozambique.

Coral South is the first project for the development and production of the considerable gas sources Eni discovered in Area 4 of the Rovuma Basin. The Coral development activities call for building a floating facility for the processing, liquefaction and storage of gas. The floating unit (“Coral South FLNG”) will have a capacity of around 3.4 million tons per year of LNG and will be fed by six subsea wells, with an anticipated start-up in mid-2022. On 1 June 2017, the project implementation phase was launched just three years after the drilling of the final exploratory well in a country that entered the global gas market. In July 2018, Mozambique Rovuma Venture S.p.A. submitted the development plan to the Government of Mozambique for the first phase of the Rovuma LNG Project, which will produce, liquefy and market natural gas from the Mamba fields located in Area 4 offshore Mozambique.

In December 2017, we completed the disposal of a 25% interest in Area 4 offshore Mozambique to ExxonMobil. Through a Dual Exploration Model strategy, the best technical competencies of both Eni and ExxonMobil will be utilised. We will continue to steer the floating Coral South LNG project and all of the Upstream operations, while ExxonMobil will take on the construction and operations of all the future liquefied natural gas structures.

Our ambition to become a global integrated gas and LNG player is based on working alongside key partners such as Mozambique. The Coral South Project will deliver a reliable source of energy while contributing to Mozambique’s economic development. This partnership approach with our hosting countries is the foundation on which our joint sustainable growth strategy is built.


The road towards development

How we work

The road towards development

We operate in Mozambique, principally in the Exploration & Production sector with the support of proprietary e-dva™ seismic processing technology. In line with the so-called “Mattei formula”, a medium to long-term programme has been defined to support local communities.

Protecting infants


Protecting infants

In Mozambique, the Foundation supports the efforts of the country’s authorities in reducing neonatal, infant and maternal mortality in the Palma district by increasing the quality of and access to maternal and child health services.

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Eni’s sustainability projects around the world involve the local communities and improve their living conditions. There is health care for expectant mothers. There are schools for the children. There is professional training for those seeking work. These are just five little stories about how Eni’s presence in northern Mozambique is changing everyday life for whole communities. Powering Mozambique is a wonderful film made in collaboration with Maputo’s Anima Team studio and showcasing the colours and light of Africa. It is the first in a series of videos on Eni’s activities throughout the world.