Mozambique for women's access to healthcare

Since 2013, thanks to the Eni Foundation, we are improving health services and training the staff of the district of Palma and Maputo.

Our commitment to improving women's health

This Eni Foundation project began with work to improve the Palma District central health unit. To respond to emergencies involving women in labour, we built an operating theatre at the health centre equipped with X-ray, scanning and laboratory facilities to boost the centre’s diagnostic capacities, and a maternity unit to care for pregnant women from the most remote parts of the district. We also gave the healthcare staff an off-road vehicle so they could run mobile clinics and monitor the more remote health centres. In addition to improving infrastructure, we also organised a range of training activities. During 2014, we ran a number of training courses for the medical, nursing, technical and administrative staff of the entire district. Another component of the project was a drama production entitled “The Theatre is Good For You” – an alternative approach to teaching good practice in the areas of hygiene, healthcare and diet. This was produced and coordinated with the assistance of Jacopo Fo and Bruno Patierno. 

Finally, we have launched a project that supports the national cervical cancer screening programme and offers access to effective treatment for precancerous or neoplastic tumours for women in 21 healthcare centres located in the city of Maputo and its province. Around 630,000 women between the ages of 25 and 50 living in these areas are expected to be screened for abnormal cells at an early stage. The initiative provides for:

  • the supply of equipment and facilities to ensure the screening programme can be carried out in 21 healthcare centres and two level II hospital centres

  • the training of around 100 healthcare workers, such as doctors and obstetric and nursing staff, working in maternal and paediatric care at the healthcare centres in the city and province of Maputo.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is an action programme with 17 goals relating to communities’ and countries’ social and economic development. Through this project, we are helping reach the goal of health and well-being for all (Goal 3).

Our healthcare project in Mozambique: photo gallery

With our initiatives we have strengthened healthcare facilities and trained staff in the city of Palma. In addition, we have gradually introduced effective treatment of pre-cancerous or neoplastic tumours for women in the city of Maputo.

Safety first

Workplace safety is a fundamental principle that we share with employees, contract workers and local communities. For that reason, we implement all necessary measures to avoid accidents, including organisational models to assess and manage risk, training programmes, skills development and the promotion of a culture of safety.


All initiatives are carried out in collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Health (MISAU), the Capo Delgado Provincial Health Authority, the Palma District Health Centre Management and the NGO Medici con l’Africa (CUAMM).