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Zohr: the giant offshore field in Egypt

The reservoir is the largest gas discovery ever in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Gas production increases at Zohr

One and a half years after its commissioning in December 2017, as of August 2019, gas production in the Zohr field has exceeded 2.7 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd). This is an extraordinary achievement, and it was achieved 5 months ahead of schedule in the Development Plan and thanks to the completion of the 8 land treatment units and all sulphur production systems.  


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A project to protect communities and the environment

The Zohr field represents a treasure that since its discovery has enabled Egypt to play a central role in the Mediterranean and to become energy independent again. Thanks to an advanced technology system, Eni was able to integrate the exploration and development phases by studying the field using 3D models. Furthermore, the desalination plant in Zohr ensures the water supply, thus minimising the withdrawal of fresh water to what is strictly necessary.But Zohr's contribution is not only measured in terms of gas self-sufficiency. In fact, the field is capable of satisfying local demand for natural gas for decades, therefore meeting 65% of the country's energy consumption, which aims to be a regional LNG re-export hub.This is a challenge for Eni because it has never done anything similar before within UNESCO World Heritage sites.May 2019 was a big moment in this regard, with the company's recognition of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) policy, already respected in other operations and embedded in Eni's transformation journey. It is a long-term commitment to operational and social goals, in line with the UN SDGs