Nooros: onshore/offshore gas production in Egypt

Discovered in 2015 and put into production in record time, it is one of the largest Egyptian gas fields.

Developing reserves and infrastructure

The Nooros gas field, located in one of the most prolific areas of the Nile Delta, was brought into production in record time in August 2015 – the same year it was discovered. Most of the gas comes from the Nidoco NW deposit and its surrounding areas in the Abu Madi West concession, which lies within the Great Nooros Area.  In 2019 we produced 192 kboe/d (94 kboe/d net to Eni). Development activities were completed at the Nooros field with the installation of a new gas pipeline to the El Gamil treatment plant to production optimization and reserves’ recovery maximization.


The Great Nooros Area

In June 2016, Baltim South West was discovered, with BP and operator Eni both having a 50 per cent interest. It is located 10km north of the Nooros field, in the development lease (DL) area of Baltim South, and has enhanced the importance of the Great Nooros Area, which has overall potential of around three trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas; with two Tcf in the Nooros deposit and the remainder in Baltim South West. During 2019, the Baltim South West offshore project (Eni operator with a 50% interest) was completed with production start-up. Development activities concerned the installation of a production platform and the pipeline to the Abu Madi treatment plant. The start-up was achieved just 19 months from the FID confirming the success of Eni’s strategy in a fast-track approach to develop and start-up projects.

In July 2020 we drilled the first exploration well in the conventional Egyptian waters of the Nile Delta, on the prospect called Bashrush. The discovery, which further extends to the west the gas potential from the Great Nooros Area, is located 12 km North-West from the Nooros field and about 1 km west of the Baltim South West field, both already in production. We will begin screening the development options of this new discovery, with the aim of fast tracking production through synergies with the area's existing infrastructures, together with our partners BP and Total, in coordination with the Egyptian Petroleum Sector. In parallel with the development activities  we will continue to explore the Great Nooros Area with the drilling of another exploration well called Nidoco NW-1 DIR, located in the Abu Madi West concession. Moreover, in September 2020 we announced a new gas discovery in the so-called Great Nooros Area with BP as contractor member. The exploratory well Nidoco NW-1 is located in 16 meters of water depth, 5 km from the coast and 4 km north from the Nooros field.  With BP as contractor member and in coordination with the Egyptian Petroleum Sector will begin screening the development options of this new discovery benefitting of the synergies with the area's existing infrastructures.

Safety comes first

Safety in the workplace is an imperative value we want to share with our employees, contractors and local stakeholders. We are committed to eliminate accidents and protect the integrity of our assets. We consolidate a culture of safety through management and organization models, digital tools and communication initiatives. Our goal is strengthening the awareness of our people and their sense of responsibility toward themselves and others, by expanding HSE tools and digitalization to make corporate processes safer, more efficient and faster. 


Nooros is a good example of our near-field exploration strategy.

Environment and community

We have never prospected for, or developed, hydrocarbons within the boundaries of natural sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In May 2019, we formally pledged our commitment to this, officially recognising the biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) policy that we are already following in our operations as part of our transformation process. We are committed to long-term investment, looking beyond short-term profit, both in operational and social terms, as set out in our new corporate mission statement inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.