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We discover new ideas and technologies and turn them into game-changing projects to improve our processes and accelerate the energy transition path towards a zero-emission future.


Building the future, together

Collaboration paths with startups and high-performing businesses

Eni’s evolution entails achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the targets set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change.  The decarbonization of all our products and services relies on a wide range of technologies to be integrated into, and tailored to, the specific circumstances in which we operate. This is why innovation, technology and the digital transformation are key factors in the achievement of our ambitious goals. While we draw on the skills of our people and on the knowledge Eni has gained across a range of engineering and scientific fields, we are historically open to collaboration with external organisations of various kinds, such as universities, research centres and technology businesses. In recent years, Eni has been increasingly open to the outside world in order to identify highly innovative solutions in the international marketplace, including those offered by small but dynamic companies such as start-ups. Thanks to this process, which has come to maturity in recent years, we now master the various Open Innovation models and foster dialogue with different stakeholders by offering a diverse internal ecosystem that integrates the Open Innovation approach into the various business processes.
In 2022, Eni was confirmed among the 100 TOP Corporate Startup Stars and was honoured with the special “Open Innovation Challengers” promoted by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and by Mind the Bridge.

Eni receives the “Open Innovation Challengers” Award

In light of its integrated approach, which focuses on scientific and technological innovation and on the building of an international network as a driver of the energy transition, Eni has been confirmed again in 2022 among the 100 TOP Corporate Startup Stars, falling into the category of the 50 companies that have been honoured with the "Open Innovation Challengers" award, promoted by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and by Mind the Bridge. The Corporate Startup Stars Awards, now internationally established, were created in 2016 by the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) platform of the European Commission to give recognition to the companies that are most active in the field of Open Innovation and collaboration with innovative start-ups.

Our Open Innovation processes for decarbonization

Eni manages Open Innovation processes in line with its innovation strategy for the energy transition, with the support of young talents and projects guided by the principles of sustainability and circularity; innovative, sustainable and high-potential start-ups for the creation of game-changing technologies; collaborations with innovative entities that contribute to the realization of corporate objectives; the creation of new high-tech ventures and investments in promising solutions.


Open Innovation & Ecosystems Development involves new innovative ecosystems and hubs, identifying innovative solutions in line with the company’s strategies, operating in diverse markets and sectors with start-ups, companies and research centres.


Supporting the most innovative startups

Joule is a training scheme that supports young entrepreneurs and start-ups through a series of free programmes based on the principles of sustainability, circular economy and decarbonization. Training is based on the integration of entrepreneurial experience, academic skills and the participants' own personal background. Joule offers a practical approach to selecting new ideas and business opportunities and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the new zero-emission energy chain.


Eni Next is our Corporate Venture Capital company. It was created to integrate internal and external research into joint projects with partners, enhancing the value of dynamic and innovative start-ups through early-stage financing and subsequent capital increases. More specifically, Eni Next assesses and invests in start-ups that develop technologies with a lower carbon footprint for energy production, applications to increase efficiency for our industrial operations and digital solutions.


Eniverse is our Corporate Venture Builder company that selects, incubates and grows new high-tech business ventures that, by exploring new markets, promote our Net Zero target to achieve a just and sustainable transition, generating value in the short and medium term. Eniverse combines in-house research and expertise, business development experience and external entrepreneurship in order to enhance its own or third-party high-potential technological assets.

PRESS RELEASE | Eni launches Eniverse Ventures to enhance proprietary technologies in new businesses while promoting a just transition.


The Innovation Match platform (part of eniSpace) is a channel dedicated to all actors of innovation who want to put their ideas and technologies into play. Start-ups, SMEs, universities, research centres and large players can have a direct line to Eni's Procurement and Businesses to initiate collaborations, experiments, co-design activities and become protagonists of the innovation path. The platform is a tool to stay up to date on call for ideas launched by Eni.


A new space for a new time

Companies join forces in an open and inclusive place to cultivate talent and develop an advanced knowledge and research centre.

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