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Plenitude takes part in Fuorisalone 2022 with Feeling the Energy

Milan, 6 June 2022 – Today, Plenitude will unveil its installation “Feeling the Energy” at the Brera Botanical Garden, Milan. The work was created in the context of the “Design Re-Generation” exhibition organised by INTERNI magazine as part of FuoriSalone 2022.

Designed by the international design and innovation studio CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Italo Rota, the installation is dedicated to the many forms of energy.

Feeling the Energy is an installation that gives a multisensory experience of the ways in which the energy around us can be perceived through the 5 senses.

In the installation, energy is revealed in different forms like sound, light and wind, all of which produce the energy we use in our everyday lives. In the exhibition, visitors can discover interactively how sound is created by blowing onto the tools of a living orchestra or by playing a xylophone. In both cases, it is the vibration that transmits the energy needed to produce what we hear. Moving on, visitors will find pinwheels spinning at different speeds depending on the force exerted by the wind. It is the same process that takes place in wind turbines. Finally, sunlight allows photovoltaic panels to transform rays of light into electricity, with the potential to power many of the devices we use every day.

The project uses 500 metres of anti-bacterial copper to create a path along which visitors can experiment with different forms of sustainable energy production, such as solar, wind, evaporative cooling and even sound energy through engaging and interactive games. The exhibition develops across the existing paths of the Brera Botanical Garden and visitors can interact safely with the display thanks to the antibacterial properties of copper, supplied by international manufacturer KME, one of the world's largest producers of copper and copper alloy materials. KME is a company with a longstanding focus on innovation and a strong commitment to sustainability.

In addition, the energy stored during the day can be used to light up the Botanical Garden during evening hours and to power water vaporisers that will cool the Garden while also feeding the surrounding plants.

The concept behind the installation is the importance of collaboration between individuals: thanks to the synergy between humans and nature, we produce vital energy that can move our planet forward every day.

There's more. Be Charge, Plenitude's company dedicated to the deployment of charging infrastructure for electric mobility, will be at FuoriSalone 2022 to talk about contact with nature and the cities of the future through increasingly futuristic and digitized services, such as electric mobility.

Be Charge will be present in Via Tortona 31 with its own Design Hub for visitors to discover La Via Elettrica (the electric way) and the future of e-mobility. It will be an immersive journey through which the public will experience the sounds of a real smart city of the future, engaging with interactive photos and videos and learning about all the possible evolutions of present and future mobility. In addition, Be Charge will launch the first design hackathon on the move, in collaboration with IED, to redesign space and time in everyday life.

Participation in the exhibition reflects the strategic commitment of Plenitude, Società Benefit and a pillar in Eni's decarbonisation strategy, to be an enabler of the energy transition and achieve its goal of offering 100% decarbonised products to its customers by 2040. Today Plenitude provides energy to 10 million European customers, boasting a portfolio of 1.4 GW of working renewable capacity. It aims to reach more than 6 GW of installed capacity by 2025 and more than 15 GW by 2030. 

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