Eni stands with Italy: to fund new emergency department for infectious diseases at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan

Eni to continue with its commitment to helping healthcare facilities fight coronavirus

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 6 August 2020 – As part of its ongoing efforts to rapidly respond to the coronavirus emergency, Eni has begun several initiatives to help local healthcare facilities in the areas it works in. Its aim is to create permanent infrastructure that will strengthen the national and regional healthcare services’ capacity to respond , making them more stable and longer-lasting, both during times of crisis and in everyday circumstances. This is not just a response to the Covid-19 emergency, as its benefits will remain even after the crisis .

To this end, Eni has provided its own expertise, supply network and logistics to locate medical and protective equipment, both in short supply, including lung ventilators, portable devices for measuring oxygen saturation, syringe pumps, multi-parameter monitors and beds for intensive care, as well as vast quantities of top-quality surgical masks.

One of Eni’s initiatives is to finance the new emergency department for infectious diseases at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, which will be built according to the latest standards for healthcare facilities. The project will cost a total of 4.9 million euros, and consists of expanding the existing structure and setting up a new route through the hospital with new spaces for pre-triage, triage, cleaning, check-ups and brief observations, and restructuring certain other areas of the hospital, which sits at a total of 1,800 m2. The department will be e

quipped with observation and isolation beds and check-up rooms with a high level of bio-containment.

The project also involves rethinking the internal spaces and distributing things differently, with new entry points and uses.

The new emergency department for infectious diseases will further strengthen Sacco Hospital’s ability to manage infectious diseases and respond as effectively as possible to all types of medical emergencies today and in years to come.

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