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Eni launches eniSpace, a collaborative platform for its suppliers

Rome, 20 May 2020 – Eni’s dedicated portal for suppliers has been completely reimagined: say hello to eniSpace (Supplier Portal and Collaboration Environment), a platform combining communication, collaboration channels and open innoation instruments with traditional procurement processes.

The platform was created as a common space for Eni's suppliers to involve them in Eni's energy transition.

This is the result of a close collaboration with suppliers who have actively contributed to the development of the new platform to make it more accessible and easier to use. The interactive platform will become a showcase for those who collaborate, or wish to collaborate, with Eni. It's a whole new way of thinking: particular attention was given to usability in the design process to get a more direct, immediate and intuitive browsing experience and give users an opportunity to keep up to date with the status of applications, qualifications or tenders, manage their own data in self-service mode, or access specific channels to share and discuss experiences.

eniSpace is divided into four sections:

“JUST”: suppliers at the heart of Eni's energy transition

The first section is dedicated to JUST (Join Us in a Sustainable Transition), an invitation to all current or potential suppliers, as well as companies involved in the production chain, to participate in Eni's energy transition. This initiative, inspired by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to involve suppliers in Eni's process for a fair and sustainable energy transition and in the real-world implementation of principles of environmental protection, social growth and economic development in the relationship between Eni, its suppliers and all the actors in the supply chain.

The JUST programme has brought many innovations to the various phases of the procurement process: from integrating sustainability criteria when evaluating qualifications, to defining specific development plans, adopting a scoring model for tenders, market intelligence activities, and co-design of technical specifications aimed at making Eni's work more sustainable in environmental, social and financial terms.

Continuous updates on “Business Opportunities”

Eni is always looking for valuable collaborations: by using the search bar or browsing through the areas, grouped by type, users can discover the products and services that Eni is seeking, add your own company to the product categories or to the “special sector” suppliers, keep up to date with active calls for tender and receive information on how to apply.

“Innovation Match”: to share innovative, principled and sustainable ideas and solutions

The third section, Innovation Match, is dedicated to looking for and finding innovative solutions from current suppliers or new companies that want to collaborate with Eni (start-ups, big players, medium-sized enterprises, research centres).

Eni will keep the market informed about its areas of interest through this channel and the opportunities it can offer by seeking innovative solutions, while also publishing various calls for ideas, requests for interest and market scouting activities. The most interesting and practically applicable ideas and solutions to the challenges proposed by Eni will be a starting point for collaborations, trials and co-design practices.

Several of these challenges can already be found on eniSpace, such as the Innovation Matches for “Innovative solutions to re-start in safety” and “Smart solutions for photovoltaic plants”.

In this way, current and prospective suppliers will be able to keep updated and actively participate in Eni's Innovation path, with a general overview of all in-depth study areas, such as:

  • Circular economy, to exchange the current consumption model for a more sustainable and rational one;
  • Technology and applied research, to create long-term value through constant investment in new technologies;
  • Digital Transformation, to support the digital transformation of Eni's businesses;
  • Energy Retail, focussed on end customers and energy efficiency (the Open Innovation challenges launched by Eni Gas e Luce on the dedicated retail portal).


“Agorà”: a virtual market square where the best experiences can be shared

The last section, Agorà, is a virtual market square created for sharing experiences and best practices in line with JUST principles. It will serve as a space where suppliers can compete, exchange views on their experiences and the solutions they consider most innovative, principled and sustainable.

Contests related to different topics will be launched on occasion to stimulate open discussion of new ideas through clear and transparent exchanges. Therefore, this dedicated space on the new website aims to give a voice to suppliers who wish to get involved, valuing their excellence and concrete market experience. This is a unique element in the approach to supplier relationships which distinguishes Eni and its new portal.

Innovation and sustainability are key words in the transformation that Eni is carrying out, and eniSpace's innovations are intended to be an example of constant and concrete renewal in relations with the supply chain. The aim is to promote further collaboration with the best companies in the market in the hope of protecting and strengthening our mutual commitment to the fundamental values of sustainability, integrity of behaviour, protection of human rights and collaboration, and confirming our willingness to set off together on a common path to creating sustainable value.

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