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Eni: Agi Board of Directors appoints Salvatore Ippolito as Chief Executive Officer and confirms Massimo Mondazzi as Chairman

San Donato Milanese (Milan), May 2nd, 2017 - The Board of Directors of the Italian press agency Agi – Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, a 100% subsidiary of Eni, has today appointed Salvatore Ippolito as Chief Executive Officer and has confirmed Massimo Mondazzi as Chairman.


The Board, including Chairman Massimo Mondazzi and directors Cristiana Argentino, Marco Bardazzi and Annalisa Messa, along with the new CEO Salvatore Ippolito, thanked Alessandro Pica for his work as General Manager and subsequently as Chief Executive Officer. Mr Pica has led the transformation of AGI, repositioning it to capitalize on opportunities available to a quality news service, in particular in the digital space, and to address the new challenges facing the industry. Mr Pica will now take up new positions within the Eni External Communication Department.


Salvatore Ippolito has extensive managerial and commercial experience, previously working at Microsoft, Italiaonline and Twitter. At Twitter, Mr Ippolito was Italy Country Manager from 2014. He played a leading role in expanding Twitter’s presence in Italy and in its production of content and events related to the economy, politics, entertainment and sport, creating value and innovative solutions for the media, communications and advertising sectors.


The new CEO and AGI’s editorial management team, which was renewed six months ago with the arrival of Riccardo Luna and Marco Pratellesi respectively as Editor and Co-Editor, will now continue the process of transformation towards the long term strategic objective of AGI 4.0: a journalistic organization able to create a wide range of new digital products, events and analysis. The team has made the decision to return to the "fundamentals" of journalism, basing their work on verification, fact-checking, research and the circulation of quality news overseen by the experience of editorial staff and by the agency’s network of international collaborators.


AGI is one of the leading Italian news companies. Since 1950 its newsletters have supported the editorial, institutional, economic and industrial sectors.

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