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Eni: Financial Calendar 2017

20 January 2017 - 6:00 PM CET

San Donato Milanese (MI), 20 January 2017 - Eni announces the dates for the publication of its 2017 quarterly, interim and annual financial reports once approved by the Board of Directors and by the Shareholders’ Meeting:

Fourth quarter 2016 results and financial statements 2016
Consolidated financial statements and draft  financial statements as at 2016
Dividend proposal for 2016

Meeting of the Board of Directors

February 28, 2017

Press release

March 1°, 2017*


Press release and strategy presentation

March 1°, 2017

Financial statements as at December 31, 2016

Shareholders’ Meeting

April 13, 2017
(single call)

Press release

April 13, 2017

First quarter 2017 results

Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 9, 2017


Press release and conferencecall

May 10, 2017*

Second quarter 2017 results and interim financial report as at June 30, 2017
Interim dividend announcement for the financial year 2017

Meeting of the Board of Directors

July 27, 2017


Press release and conferencecall

July 28, 2017*

Board resolution on 2017 interim dividend

Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 14, 2017

Press release

September 14, 2017

Third quarter 2017 results

Meeting of the Board of Directors

October 26, 2017

Press release and conferencecall

October 27, 2017*

* Press Release scheduled for issue before markets open. A conferencecall for the presentation of results to the financial community will be held during the day.

The final dividend for the 2016 fiscal year will be paid on April 26, 2017 (ex-dividend date: April 24, 2017; record date: April 25, 2017) and the interim dividend for the 2017 financial year will be paid on September 20, 2017 (ex-dividend date: September 18, 2017; record date: September 19, 2017).

Markets will be promptly informed  of any changes to the above calendar.

Legislative Decree No.25/2016, transposing the European Directive 2013/50/EU, in force as March 18, 2016, has removed the reporting obligation to disclose quarterly financial results. Therefore, according to article 82-ter  Regulations on issuers (Consob Regulation No. 11971 of May 14, 1999 and subsequent amendments and inclusions), Eni intends to continue providing, on a voluntary basis, Company’s quarterly financial results following approval by the Board of Directors due to be published on the dates indicated  in this Financial Calendar.
Eni’s reporting practice planned for 2017 is consistent with the one adopted in 2016 to provide investors with regular information about the Company’s financial and operating performances considering the disclosure policy followed by peers which are reporting on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly results will include at least the following key performance indicators:

  • consolidated and by segment adjusted operating profit;
  • consolidated net results;
  • consolidated and by segment adjusted net results;
  • consolidated net financial position;
  • consolidated shareholder’s equity;
  • consolidated leverage.


Download the press release (PDF)

PDF 139.52 KB 20 January 2017 CET 18:00
PDF 139.52 KB