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Eni research brings you Eni Diesel +

San Donato Milanese, 15 January 2016 The efforts of Enis research activities have led to Eni Diesel +, the new fuel with a 15% renewable component, produced from plant oils in Eni’s Venice refinery using the Ecofiningtechnology. 

Eni is the first company in the world to transform an oil refining plant (the Eni plant in Venice) into a biorefinery. Using the Ecofining™ technology it owns (developed in 2006 in the San Donato Milanese laboratories, in cooperation with Honeywell UOP), Eni transforms plant oils into a complete hydrocarbon product that overcomes the qualitative problems of traditional biodiesel.

This is another great example of Eni’s focus on sustainable innovation. Starting from next Monday, 18 January, the new Eni Diesel + will be available in over 3,500 fuel stations all over Italy, for customers who want to combine the performance features of the latest-generation premium fuels with more care for the environment.

The numerous tests performed in the Eni research laboratories have shown that, compared to standard diesels comprising of 5% biodiesel, Eni Diesel + extends the life of car motors, ensures the highest power output thanks to clean injectors, improves motor performance reducing consumption by up to 4%, helps with cold starts and ensures motor noise reduction thanks to the high cetane number.

The product’s innovation impact is just as significant in environmental terms: Eni Diesel + has a more sustainable production cycle and so contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by 5% on average. Tests performed on Euro 5 vehicles in the Centro Ricerche Eni [research centre] in San Donato Milanese and the Istituto Motori del CNR [Motor Institute of the National Research Council] in Naples showed a significant reduction in polluting emissions (unburned hydrocarbons and carbon oxide reduced by up to 40 %, up to 20% less particulate matter).

To promote its use the new Eni Diesel + is available at the same price of the premium Eni Blu Diesel + previously offered in the Eni Stations.

Customers using You&Eni loyalty cards in Full-Service offeringgain an extra You&Eni point compared to standard diesel for every litre of purchased Eni Diesel +. 


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