Eni adopts the new recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code

Rome, 11 December 2014 - The Board of Directors resolved today to adopt the new recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies approved on 14 July 2014. The Board of Directors acknowledged that Eni's corporate governance system is already largely consistent with the new recommendations.

The Corporate Governance Code, as amended on 14 July 2014, will be available on the Company's website, in the 'Governance' section, with particular enhancement of solutions and improvements.
Some of these solutions were already adopted by Eni  and have been updated now to include and specify the role assigned on 9 May 2014 by the Board of Directors to the Chairman of the Board with regard to the internal audit function.

Detailed information on the implementation of the Code will be provided in the annual Corporate Governance Report to be published in 2015.

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