Eni’s "Enjoy" car sharing service comes to Rimini

Rimini, July 2 2014Enjoy, Eni’s car sharing service operated in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia, arrives today in Rimini with a fleet of 70 Fiat 500’s available to the people of Rimini and to the many tourists who flock to the city in the summer. The service will be available until September.

The initiative was announced today at The Department for Tourism in Palazzina Roma, at an event attended by the mayor of Rimini Andrea Gnassi and representatives of Eni, Fiat and Trenitalia.

The Enjoy car sharing service offered in Rimini is the same as in Milan and Rome: free registration exclusively online, a simple, immediate customer experience and the most competitive rates available on the market today: 25 cents a minute when driving (for the first 50 km, after which an extra cost of 25 cents per km applies) or 10 cents a minute when the car is parked. This cost is all-inclusive, including insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.

All the Fiat 500’s in the Rimini fleet are in the Euro 6 category, have parking sensors and are equipped to carry up to four people in perfect comfort. Booking the closest car to you is easy: find and hire a vehicle with the smartphone app (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), via the internet site enjoy.eni.com, or choose a free vehicle on the street and rent it on the spot. The 15 square km area covered by the service in Rimini includes all of the waterfront as well as the inland parts of the city. It does not include the ZTL zone (where traffic is limited and no car sharing vehicles are permitted) or areas closed to traffic for special events (such as the "Notte Rosa"). The Fiat 500 Enjoys may be parked in any legally permitted space within the area covered by the service in Rimini: in spaces marked with white lines, where there is no need to display parking time; in what are normally paid parking spots operated by the city, marked by blue lines, free of charge; and in 31 reserved parking spots (25 on the waterfront and 6 inland) set aside for car sharing vehicles only. The vehicles may be parked in any legal parking spot while in use; customers must pay for parking spots operated by private companies and display parking time where required.

Enjoy is an all-Italian advanced car sharing service offered through business partnerships with key players on the Italian scene: Fiat, supplier of Italy’s largest car sharing vehicle fleet, and Enjoy’s principal partner, Trenitalia.

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