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Eni's Enjoy car sharing scheme, record numbers for the third month with 55 thousand members and over 200 thousand rentals

20 March 2014 - 2:40 PM CET

Rome, 20 March 2014 - 55 thousand registered customers and over 200 thousand rentals in just three months; these record numbers, together with hundreds of new subscriptions every day, demonstrate the success of the Enjoy car-sharing scheme in Milan.

The free online registration with immediate recognition of driver's licence and credit card; the use of a red Fiat 500 (the safe and trendy 4 seater compact car), an innovative and simple service that lets you rent an Enjoy car as soon as you've signed up; the most competitive rates on the market (25 cents per minute and 10 cents per minute at standstill). These features have enabled Eni’s car-sharing service to conquer Milan - and from June it will be available in Rome with a fleet of 600 Fiat 500s. Next city will be Turin.

A key element of the success of Enjoy is that it is available via smartphone: by using the App you can quickly locate the nearest car, book it and open it - it's as if it you were actually using a remote control. The App also lets you view the details of the car you've just hired, including the cost. A revolutionary App which has removed the need for the paperwork-based process of other car-sharing services. Before Enjoy, infact, these systems required a card to open the car. An example of Italian innovation - thanks to the fruitful partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia, in range of new sharing economy business models.

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