More than 26,000 subscribers and 35,000 rentals in a single month: Eni's enjoy car sharing scheme conquers Milan

Rome, January 21 2014 – With more than 26,000 registered customers, almost a thousand new subscribers every day, and about 35,000 rentals, Eni celebrates a successful first month of the Enjoy car sharing service in Milan. The scheme has been major success, characterised by record numbers of users which are continuing to grow, due to certain distinctive features of the service: the use of the red Fiat 500, a compact, safe, trendy vehicle that has become a status symbol identified with Italy globally; the simple online registration process (free of charge, with an instant driver's licence and credit card check) and competitive prices (25 cents/minute, 10 cents/minute when parked). The service is innovative, highly competitive, easy to use and ensures access to the vehicle immediately after registration, with no need to issue a card or key: every Enjoy customer is simply associated with a PIN which is used for all rental transactions.

Ever since the service was first made available on December 18, 2013, large numbers of people in Milan have gone to the internet site enjoy.eni.com and used the App (for Android and IOS) to register for the service demonstrating widespread enthusiasm for the scheme. Further confirmation of the positive reception of Enjoy comes from the daily number of rentals, growing constantly and rapidly thanks to the ease of identifying the nearest car, booking it and opening it using the dedicated smartphone App. The App also allows users to view details of the rental – including cost – as soon as they have finished their trip.

Customers' responses and the user figures demonstrate that people also appreciate Enjoy's safety features. Eni wanted to use a safe, dependable car, and chose Fiat 500's with “all season‘ tyres for safe driving in winter conditions, 7 airbags and Bluetooth to avoid mobile phone use at the wheel. The safety and cleanliness of the vehicles is maintained by a dedicated service team monitored from the 24 hour control room.

Eni is responding to the demands of the people of Milan with more new cars, and by the half of February the city's fleet will be completed with 300 Fiat 500's and 44 Fiat 500 L's, a total of 644 cars with free access to Milan's Area C; they may be parked during and after rental in any parking lot in the area covered by the service, in yellow residents-only parking spots and in blue pay parking spots without paying, as well as in specially reserved Eni Stations in the city.

Thanks to the success of the initiative, and the contribution of key partners Fiat and Trenitalia, Eni is ready to take Enjoy car sharing to other major cities too: the service will be offered in Rome and Turin by the summer of 2014, and will then be expanded abroad. Another milestone in Eni's evolution from a supplier of products and services for drivers to a supplier of products and services for sustainable mobility.

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