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Investigations on Algerian activities: Eni’s Board examines the forensic audits carried out by third parties

16 January 2014 - 2:37 PM CET

Rome, 16 January 2014 –Eni’s Board of Directors today examined the results of forensic audits encouraged by Eni and carried out by third parties regarding activities in Algeria which are under investigation by the judicial authority.

The results of the audits revealed neither evidence of illegal or corrupt conducts of Eni, nor the existence of intermediary contracts between Eni and the third parties under investigation. In line with Eni’s spirit of full cooperation and transparency, the outcome of the audits will be immediately made available to the relevant authorities.

The Eni’s Board has also taken note of the actions of organisational and managerial discontinuity and of the audits initiated by Saipem, as communicated by Saipem on 17 July 2013. In compliance with Saipem’s managerial autonomy as a listed company, Eni will continue to monitor the outcome of the ongoing investigations and Saipem’s initiatives.

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