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Eni launches enjoy, Milan's new car sharing service

Milan, 16 December 2013 - A red fleet of Fiat 500 and 500L cars; a simple, completely on line, paper-less and plastic-less service; competitive rates and no signing-up fee. These are the distinctive features of the Eni’s new car sharing service Enjoy, which will start in the next few days in Milan.

Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Eni, unveiled the Enjoy car sharing service today at Palazzo Reale, together with the CEO of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Mauro Moretti and the COO of Fiat-Chrysler EMEA, Alfredo Altavilla, in the presence of the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia and the Councillor for Mobility and Environment, Pierfrancesco Maran.

A fleet of more than 300 Fiat 500 model cars will be arriving in Milan, and from January this number will increase to approximately 650 cars (including 50 Fiat 500L model), which are ready to revolutionize the idea of car sharing. The fleet will be red and will have the Enjoy logo on both doors. The Fiat 500 will be able to comfortably transport up to four people and five people can fit in the Fiat 500L models. Finding and booking the nearest car will be easy thanks to an App for smartphones (Android and iOS ) or the website You can also choose a car straight from the road and start immediately with the rental. The car will have free access to Area C in Milan and free parking is available in all the areas permitted by law, on the yellow stripes (for residents only), on the blue lines and at the Enjoy parking areas in Eni service stations.

All-season tires will also enable safe journeys in the winter season. A service team dedicated to security checks and ensuring the quality of the fleet will operate throughout the fleet’s coverage area and a dedicated call center will also be available. There are many solutions designed by Eni to give new energy to mobility, because using energy efficiently translates into many day-to-day behaviours, like driving a car which is shared by others. This is Enjoy, an initiative launched by Eni with the objective of developing products and services for sustainable mobility.

The Enjoy service does not have subscription fees. You can enroll online at or through the App for Android and iOS, which will allow immediate access to the service. You pay only for the actual usage, which is calculated at a rate of 25 cents per minute (for the first 50 km, after the cost is also 25 cents per km), or 10 cents per minute if the customer wishes to keep the car in rental during a stop. The rate is all inclusive because it includes the costs of insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.

  • With the Enjoy service there are more opportunities for the residents of Milan and city users to choose sustainable forms of mobility in the Municipality of Milan. The City Council, by opening the service to the market through a public notice, has supported and facilitated the emergence of the new car sharing services, which are designed to reduce private car parking and ease traffic congestion, therefore improving the quality of life of those people living and working in the city.

Enjoy is an advanced and all Italian car sharing service, thanks to commercial partnerships with major domestic players: Fiat, which provides the largest fleet of cars destined for a car sharing service in Italy, and Trenitalia, the main partner of the Enjoy service.

  • The red 500 and 500L cars chosen for Enjoy belong to the international family of the Fiat brand of cars. With more than 1,200,000 registrations since the launch date, and with more than 80% of sales outside the country, the 500 family has helped export the “made in Italy” concept across the world. These are beautiful cars, which are compact, fun to drive and respectful of the environment and the cities in which they operate. An ideal solution for the Enjoy service, the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L cars represent an example of the ongoing commitment of the Fiat Group to the production of cars that are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. Such advancements have been made through research, development and the dissemination of effective and affordable technological solutions. Unsurprisingly, Fiat was confirmed as the brand with the lowest level of CO2 emissions in Europe for the sixth consecutive year in 2012, with an average value of 119.8 g/km. With the 500 and 500L cars, Fiat supports the mobility model proposed by Enjoy for those who need a car in urban centers. The Fiat brand will also offer important co-marketing initiatives to the Enjoy service.
  • Trenitalia, with the Frecciarossa logo on the cars, is the main partner of Enjoy and offers the train as a natural complement to move at high speed between one urban center and another, the perfect combination for those who want to travel fast, in comfort, with convenience and the utmost respect for the environment. For Trenitalia the whole "chain of travel" is green, not only the time spent on the “Frecce”. By the end of the year passenger numbers will reach 42 million (+5.2% compared to 2012). Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is working on a new model of efficient and integrated mobility to turn more and more individual transport methods into a collective and shared mobility, similar to the example of car sharing.
  • The other Enjoy Italian partner is CartaSi, which through its virtual platform, will enable online payments with credit cards and prepaid cards, thereby reinforcing the message that synergy starts with the you&eni cards.

After the consolidation of the service in Milan, the goal will be to launch Enjoy in other major Italian cities and abroad. In future years, Eni will develop and implement more innovative products and services related to mobility, always under the Enjoy brand. For example, the smart parking service will identify available parking areas in real time on a digital map and will enable them to be accessed in a highly automated way.

Enjoy in brief

The Enjoy car sharing scheme works as an instant rental with pick up and return of the car at any point within the area covered by the service (model "free floating"). The pay- per-use rates ( all-inclusive basis at the time of use) makes the service very attractive to those who typically use the car in the city.

  • the cars are Fiat 500 ( about 600) and Fiat 500 L (about 50 units);
  • competitive rates (0.25 c / min and 0.10 c / min at rest ) and free entry ;
  • there is no obligation to book: if the vehicle on the street is free , you can take it and start using it instantly. Otherwise, you can locate all the cars available through the website and the app, or by calling Enjoy’s customer service. The car booked must be reached within 30 minutes. Otherwise the reservation will be automatically canceled;
  • the car can be used for as long as necessary, with no obligation to engage on the timing of delivery;
  • the rental of the machine ends once you arrive at your destination and parking (free) in all the areas permitted by law, at the yellow stripes for residents, at the blue lines (free) and at the Enjoy parking areas in Eni service stations;
  • subscription and use of the service are completely "on line" (paper-less and plastic -less);
  • you can pay with credit cards and prepaid cards using the platform for virtual payments CartaSi .

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