Eni and Transparency International sign collaborative agreement on new anti-corruption tool

San Donato Milanese, 19 December 2013 - Eni and Transparency International have signed a collaboration agreement for the joint elaboration of an innovative method of "Country Assessment", which aims to highlight, within a set geographic context, the major influences and impacts of corruption on corporate activities.

The new initiative will be developed by collaborating with international business communities, the public sector and the general public. Once the methodology has been developed, Eni and Transparency International will identify two countries of particular importance to the energy sector and apply the new measures to assess them.

The Country Assessment methodology and corresponding country-specific assessments will be made publically available to scientific and business audiences, in order to provide them with a deeper understanding of the local business context in which they operate.  

For Eni and Transparency International, the principal objective of this international initiative is to further contribute towards the global fight against corruption, promoting greater transparency and moving towards a level playing field that promotes clean business.

This agreement is a major international initiative which once again confirms the importance given by Eni to business ethics.

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