Eni and Hera finalise reshuffling of shareholdings in two Gorizia energy companies

Rome, 12 December 2013 – Today, with the approval of the antitrust authorities, the framework agreement, originally signed on 30 September by Eni and AcegasAps (Hera), for the reshuffling of shareholdings in two Gorizia energy companies, has been implemented.

By implementing this agreement the two following deals have been adjusted:

  • The acquisition by AcegasAps of 70% of shares in Est Reti Elettriche (energy distribution company with some 22,000 delivery points), previously held by Eni. AcegasAps already held a 30% stake in the company;
  • The acquisition by Eni of 30% of shares in Est Più (gas and power utility company, with some 70,000 delivery points), previously held by AcegasAps. Eni already held a 70% stake in the company.

Following these operations, the two companies’ ownership structures are as follows:

- Est Più: 100% Eni
- Est Reti Elettriche: 100% AcegasAps


Through these deals, Eni has sold a “non-core” business (energy distribution), to focus – in line with its corporate mission – on the sale of gas and power, a market in which it boasts long-standing experience. These deals will enable gas and power customers in and around Gorizia to benefit from Eni’s offering, which includes products and packages customised to suit specific needs, and multi-channel customer support: one of the best Contact Centres in Europe; the website, with advanced features such as the option to sign contracts, submitting meter readings, setting up direct debits, forecasting energy consumption, performing home energy check-ups, and much more; an app for smartphones and tablets, with the same features as the website; and the Eni Energy Stores present throughout Italy.

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