ENI-ENEL: Agreement on e-mobility signed

Rome, March 27th, 2013 – The Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Enel, Fulvio Conti, and the Chief Executive Officer of Eni, Paolo Scaroni, today signed in Rome a letter of intent on cooperation for electric mobility, from a strategic, technological, logistical and commercial standpoint. 

With this agreement, Eni and Enel will develop an experimental programme for testing electric vehicle charging options via “special columns‘ with Enel technology, by means of a set of recharge points that will be installed at eni service stations as well as at a number of other Eni locations, such as the San Donato Milanese headquarters and the Refining & Marketing Division site in Rome.

The objective is to identify, within a period of around 6 months, the best solution for charging electric vehicles in eni stations and to establish, by the end of 2013, trial areas in selected geographic locations.

These trials will take place through the installation of “fast recharge‘ points with Enel technology for electric vehicles in a number of eni stations. These points are capable of powering a vehicle using direct current and alternating current in 20-30 minutes, therefore making the time needed for a recharging stop compatible with a normal coffee or a lunch break at an eni station.

With the "fast recharge" points and their installation inside and outside urban areas, it will be possible for eco-motorists to use their electric vehicles even when away from the city.

Furthermore, thanks to a more widespread network of recharge stations, this experiment will give the partners a chance to study integrated solutions for offering customers the option of charging their vehicles both through the already existing Enel network of public and private recharge points, as well as fast recharge stations in public areas such as eni stations.

For those eni stations that already have renewable power generation systems installed (such as photovoltaic panels), the agreement also foresees the study of potential applications of Enel smart grid technology to maximise the use of energy from renewable resources.

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