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Eni launches the you&eni loyalty and payment cards: Italians' purchases are converted into free fuel

Milan, 14 December 2012 - Riparti con eni starts again, every day of the week for holders of the new you&eni cards. With the aim of giving a further sign of solidarity and making a real contribution to Italian families, Eni launches a new generation of you&eni cards that become loyalty and payment cards.

The new cards, available in reloadable, prepaid and credit card versions, allow customers to accumulate many more points in the Eni and Agip branded service stations, but also to gain you&eni points for all daily purchases made outside of the Eni network, in over 30 million stores displaying the CartaSi or Mastercard brands in Italy, abroad and online. The points can then be redeemed for free fuel.

For Eni, this means being able to give Italian customers more value in their daily purchases in the form of free fuel, without them having to increase their purchases or change their consumption habits. For example, an average Italian family (consisting of 4 people and consumption in line with ISTAT figures) that regularly uses the you&eni payment card to make purchases inside and outside of Eni petrol stations could accumulate the equivalent of up to 200 euros worth of free fuel, throughout 2013, even without the promotional offers that come with the new card .
In fact, Eni has also decided to award a significant economic benefit to everyone who, up to 31 March 2013, uses the new cards to buy fuel at the participating Eni stations. Thanks to this promotional offer, customers who refuel using both Served and Self Service methods will be entitled to a free fuel bonus of in extra you&eni points for every 20 litres purchased with the card; up to a daily maximum of €10 for every 100 litres. These extra points, added to the base points under the Rules, give drivers an overall discount of 12.5 cents for every litre purchased: for example, a full tank of 40 litres would mean €5 worth of free fuel.

And if the same customer subscribes to the eni3 offer, and therefore a new gas and/or electricity contract by 31.01.2013, he will get a further discount of 6 cents per litre for two years (up to a maximum of 500 litres per year), thus reaching a total discount of 18.5 cents per litre. So with a full tank of 40 litres, the customer’s overall savings are around €7.50 for a single refill (up to 31.03.2013).

Eni is committed to the development of electronic payment systems and a reduction in the use of cash through contactless technology
All the new you&eni payment and loyalty cards contain an internal antenna that allows payments to be made at all enabled sales points in contactless mode, through MasterCard PayPass technology, by simply placing the card in front of the reader and without having to give the card to the sales assistant.
On the contactless front, Eni does not merely provide this technology on its new cards, but has also brought it into its Eni petrol station network, creating the largest contactless acceptance network in Italy - as well as the largest acceptance network in European fuel distribution channels (both in terms of number of locations and enabled POS terminals).
Thanks to this extensive acceptance network on Italian territory, Italian consumers can use contactless cards or enabled smartphones to make payments faster, more comfortable and secure. 

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