“Riparti con Eni”: Eni to reduce fuel prices for Italians every weekend over the summer

Rome, June 14 2012 – Eni is launching an extraordinary initiative: from June 16 to September 2, as part of a summer promotional offer, the company will reduce the price of petrol and diesel on weekends, for all customers who use iperself – in other words, the self-service option – when filling their tanks, following payment using cash or bancomat cards at the designated terminals. This is a unique initiative which is a strong signal of the country’s leading oil company’s solidarity with the Italian people and particularly families.

When using the iperself service, the price reduction will be approximately 20 cents per litre, which is equal to a saving of €10 on every €50. The discount per litre will be worth around twice the amount of the highest discount given to date by non-logo petrol stations and large supply chains.

The discount will be available at approximately 3,000 Eni and Agip stations across Italy, from 1:00pm on Saturday to midnight on Sunday, until supplies run out at each participating petrol station. To avoid the possibility of interrupting sales over the course of the weekend due to products running out, in addition to its weekly refills, Eni will re-fill the pumps during the course of the day on Sundays as well.

In order to ensure absolute transparency of this offer, each week Eni will determine two prices after consulting the Platts index: one for petrol and one for diesel, which will be kept the same across the country while the promotion is running at the iperself stations. During the rest of the week, the price lists will continue to be diversified at individual petrol stations.

During the course of this initiative, in a unique move, Eni will sell fuel below cost price, in order to invest in its relationship with Italian consumers, with the aim of providing the country with a tangible contribution in order to get “back on the road”.

In addition, on weekends while this initiative is running, Eni cafés will stay open until midnight with a quality selection available at special prices (breakfast for €1.50 and lunch for €5.00) as well as promotions on soft drinks and take-away ice creams.


The iperself option:

Five years on from its launch, iperself has become a consolidated and convenient fuel tank filling method for Italian consumers who wish to save money without having to sacrifice the quality of Eni’s products. Today, approximately a third of Eni’s sales are generated from iperself, proving that a large number of Italian consumers are prepared to choose the self-service option at petrol stations when presented with significant savings opportunities.

In March, Eni decided to expand iperself, extending its opening time to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers who select the self-service option using the payment terminal cannot accumulate points on the you&eni loyalty card, but will continue to save during the opening hours of the station with a discount of up to 10 cents/litre (on the price of fuel pumped by attendants) during the week.

Ahead of the expected changes in regulations and in response to the requests of consumer associations, only the iperself price will be shown directly at the Eni petrol stations, without stating the number of cents that have been discounted. The payment terminals connected to the iperself fuel pumps accept bancomat cards, and customers will not be charged a commission fee. Customers will be able to make payments conveniently and safely: simply by inserting their PIN numbers and refuelling, with no need to preselect a set amount. Once the tank is filled, the payment terminal will print a receipt and customers will not be charged commission.

With this incentive to use the self-service option, Eni will actively promote a refuelling option that is already popular in other European countries, in order to contain distribution costs and therefore consumer prices as well.

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