Eni and the Italian Consumers' Associations have signed new Conciliation Rules for the gas and electricity sectors

Rome, 6 June 2012 - Today, Eni and the Consumers’ Associations forming part of the Italian National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU), have signed the new Conciliation Rules that will enable Eni customers to avail of Conciliation settlements in the electrical sector, right across Italy.

The previous agreement, signed on 8 February 2012, launched a process of experimentation in the electrical sector, within certain regions of Italy. The new regulations, are extended to all Eni customers across the country.

New features include the introduction of monetary compensation in the event of delays in the execution of the conciliatory procedure, incorrect applications of Eni electrical rates, and other specific cases.

The introduction of such developments and improvements places Eni at the forefront of joint conciliation in the retail energy sector, and creates added value for the customer, reinforcing the concept of Conciliation as a simple, rapid and effective instrument for the settlement of disputes out of court

Through the new Conciliation Rules, Eni and the Consumers’ Associations intend to reduce the timeframe required for the settlement of Conciliation requests, to progressively eliminate limitations in the acceptance of the requests, and to greater increase the skills of Conciliators, through more in-depth, targeted training.
Subsequently, further, more effective communication tools will be introduced, in agreement with the Consumers’ Associations, which are better suited to the modern conciliatory culture.

The new agreement marks an important step forward in what is becoming an increasingly beneficial relationship between Eni and the Consumers’ Associations, and is perfectly in line with Eni's strategy, which places great attention on the satisfaction of its customers and on the expansion of the services it offers, always maintaining its high standards.

The new Conciliation Rules and all relevant information are available at the following website: www.eni.com.

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